David Cassidy Had Three Stars Named After Him

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David Cassidy holding his name a star certificate from starregistry.com

David Bruce Cassidy was a multi-talented American actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, born on April 12, 1950. His career was marked by outstanding achievements in both the entertainment industry and the vast expanse of the night sky. Best known for his iconic portrayal of Keith Partridge, the son of Shirley Partridge, in the beloved 1970s musical-sitcom “The Partridge Family,” David Cassidy’s charisma and talent elevated him to the status of a teen idol and a superstar pop singer of his time. 

David Cassidy’s musical journey was not just limited to the small screen; it extended to the world of recording. Throughout the 1970s, he recorded numerous chart-topping hits that resonated with a global audience. His impressive vocal range and magnetic stage presence made him a favorite amongst music enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the era. To commemorate his remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of entertainment, someone decided to honor him in the eternal heavens by gifting him a star through the International Star Registry. 

On April 4, 1983, a star was officially named “David Cassidy” and recorded with the International Star Registry. Situated in the constellation Hercules, at the coordinates RA 16h23m50s36d39’0″, this celestial tribute forever immortalizes the brilliance of David Cassidy’s talents. The constellation Hercules is one of the largest in the night sky, rich with mythological significance and fascinating astronomical features. 

Astronomy enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty and significance of the Hercules constellation. It is best observed during the summer months, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Hercules is one of the oldest constellations, dating back to ancient times when it was recognized by various civilizations. The celestial cluster is home to several fascinating deep-sky objects, such as globular clusters and binary stars, making it a rewarding area for stargazing and exploration. 

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As the world remembers the talent and impact of David Cassidy, let us continue to appreciate the wonders of astronomy and the allure of the celestial realm. The International Star Registry provides a meaningful and everlasting way to celebrate the people we love and admire by naming a star after them. Just like David Cassidy’s star shines brightly in the Hercules constellation, our love and admiration for our special ones will endure through the stars we name in their honor. 

In conclusion, David Cassidy’s journey in life and career is a testament to his exceptional talents and the lasting impact he made in the entertainment industry. As the heavens above bear witness to his brilliance through the star named after him, we are reminded of the boundless possibilities and everlasting love that connect us across the universe. 

David Cassidy had 3 stars named after him:

David Cassidy
Hercules RA 16h23m50s 36d39’0″
April 4, 1983

David Cassidy
Camelopardalis RA 7h44m1s 69d10’56”
December 25, 1999

David Cassidy
Capricornus 21h33m18s -19d27’9″
May 24, 2011


  • Q. Is this a picture of David Cassidy with his star certificate?

  • A. Yes, a star was named for David Cassidy by his fan club. He is shown here holding his International Star Registry Certificate.
  • Q. Can I name a star near the star for David Cassidy?

  • A. Yes, we are glad to provide special charting.
  • Q. Where are David Cassidy’s Stars recorded?

  • A. All the stars named for David are permanently Published in Your Place in the Cosmos, which is copyrighted in the United States. David’s First star is in Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume 1. His second star is located Volume 6 of the book. And the third star is located in Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume 9.


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