There is a Star named for Mandy Moore!

November 17, 2022

International Star Registry

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore was just 17 when she was honored with a star in her name on 4/6/2001, just 9 months before the movie A Walk To Remember was released. You may recall that her character in that movie received a star in her name from International Star Registry as well. You can find the star named for the talented singer, songwriter and actress shining overhead in the Pegasus constellation and published in the book Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume 6.

Mandy has proved to be a formidable talent both in singing and in acting, making the biggest career movie playing Rebecca Person on the Emmy Award winning NBC series This Is Us She continues to occasionally tour with her latest albums alongside her family, being now a mother.

Born Amanda Leigh Moore, Mandy Moore was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 10, 1984. After seeing the musical "Oklahoma!", she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in singing. As a child, she performed the National Anthem at several athletic events around her hometown of Orlando, Florida, and became known as the "National Anthem girl". At the ripe age of fourteen, while she was recording in a studio in Orlando, a Fed-Ex worker who happened to be passing through heard her and was interested in her talent. He happened to know someone at Sony. Moore worked on cutting a demo and shortly thereafter signed a record deal with Sony 550 Music. At 15, her first record "So Real" was released, followed by smash-hit song “Candy.”

Mandy Moore
Pegasus RA 23h 38m 42.23s D 22° 23' 28.94"
April 6, 2001

  • Q. When Can I see the Pegasus Constellation?

  • A. The star named for Mandy Moore is located in the constellation Pegasus, the winged horse, which is best viewed in the summer and early Autumn
  • Q. When I name a star will I get the same star certificate I saw in the movie A Walk to Remember?

  • A. Yes, in the movie you can see the actress looking at a real International Star Registry certificate. You will receive a certificate like this.
  • Q. How long will this star keep this name?

  • A. When you buy a star package, we will never rename the star. The star you name will join the millions of unique stars we have named since 1979 and will keep that name forever.