David Cassidy Had Three Stars Named After Him

November 17, 2022

International Star Registry

David Cassidy

A whole lot of lovin' is what we'll be bringin' / We'll make you happy!”
Just as the star named for David Cassidy by his fans shines for eternity, the songs of this Partridge will always ring out.

David Cassidy is best known for his teen idol music career and his years playing “Keith Partridge” on the hit television show “The Partridge Family.” With his songs like “I think I love You” and “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat,” David Cassidy was the ultimate heartthrob for many young fans throughout the early 1970s.

Born David Bruce Cassidy on April 12, 1950 in Manhattan, New York, David’s father was of half Irish and half German ancestry. His mother was of mainly Colonial American (English) descent, with a smaller amount of Irish and Swiss-German roots.

Both an Emmy and Grammy nominee, David was a double threat in entertainment with his pop rock vocals and his captivating “boy next door” presence on-screen.
At his peak, Cassidy was the world's highest paid live entertainer and his official fan club was the largest in pop history – exceeding Elvis and The Beatles.
In 1994, he wrote a book about his years being “Keith Partridge” and performed updated songs from “The Partridge Family” years.

David died on November 21, 2017 at the age of 67 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

David Cassidy had 3 stars named after him:

David's first star was named for his 33rd birthday in 1983, and 2 more stars were named in 1999 and 2011!

David Cassidy
Hercules RA 16h23m50s 36d39'0"
April 4, 1983

David Cassidy
Camelopardalis RA 7h44m1s 69d10'56"
December 25, 1999

David Cassidy
Capricornus 21h33m18s -19d27'9"
May 24, 2011

  • Q. Is this a picture of David Cassidy with his star certificate?

  • A. Yes, a star was named for David Cassidy by his fan club. He is shown here holding his International Star Registry Certificate.
  • Q. Can I name a star near the star for David Cassidy?

  • A. Yes, we are glad to provide special charting.
  • Q. Where are David Cassidy’s Stars recorded?

  • A. All the stars named for David are permanently Published in Your Place in the Cosmos, which is copyrighted in the United States. David’s First star is in Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume 1. His second star is located Volume 6 of the book. And the third star is located in Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume 9.