Governor Louie Broady Nunn has a Star Named

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Governor Louie Broady Nunn was a prominent American politician who dedicated his life to public service and made significant contributions to the state of Kentucky. Born on March 8, 1924, he served as the 52nd governor of Kentucky from 1967 to 1971, leaving a lasting impact on the state’s political landscape. he also left a lasting impression on the night sky in the form of a star, which was named after him through International Star Registry. 

Nunn’s journey into politics began after his non-combat service in World War II. Following his military service, he pursued higher education and graduated from law school. He ventured into local politics and created history by becoming the first Republican county judge in Barren County, Kentucky. Nunn’s involvement in various Republican campaigns for national office, supporting candidates such as John Sherman Cooper, Thruston Morton, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, further solidified his reputation as a dedicated and influential political figure. 

In 1963, Nunn became the Republican nominee for governor, running against Democrat Ned Breathitt. The election was closely contested, with a major issue being Governor Bert T. Combs’ executive order to desegregate Kentucky’s public services. Nunn campaigned on the promise of repealing the order if elected, while Breathitt vowed to continue it. Ultimately, Nunn narrowly lost the election to Breathitt. 

Not discouraged by his defeat, Nunn made another run for governor in 1967. He emerged victorious after defeating Marlow Cook in the Republican gubernatorial primary and winning a close election against Democrat Henry Ward. Despite facing challenges such as a Democratic lieutenant governor and a majority-Democrat General Assembly, Nunn managed to implement several significant initiatives during his tenure. 

One of Nunn’s key achievements was the improvement of Kentucky’s state park system. He successfully pushed for tax increases to fund these improvements, which led to the enhancement and expansion of the state’s parks, making them more accessible and enjoyable for residents and visitors alike. Nunn also played a crucial role in transforming Northern Kentucky University from a community college to a senior institution and bringing the University of Louisville into the state university system. These efforts contributed to the advancement of higher education in Kentucky. 

However, Nunn’s later years as governor were not without challenges. Louisville experienced race riots during his administration, as well as a violent protest against the Vietnam War at the University of Kentucky. Despite these difficulties, Nunn remained committed to addressing the needs of the state and prioritizing the well-being of its citizens. 

Following his term as governor, Nunn continued his involvement in politics but faced electoral defeats in subsequent campaigns. He lost the 1972 senatorial election to Walter Dee Huddleston and the 1979 gubernatorial election to John Y. Brown Jr. Despite these setbacks, Nunn remained active in supporting his son Steve’s political aspirations and advocated for the legalization of industrial hemp in Kentucky. 

Governor Louie Broady Nunn’s life and career were characterized by his unwavering commitment to public service and his efforts to make Kentucky a better place. His dedication to education, the improvement of public services, and the well-being of the state’s residents will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come. 

As a tribute to Governor Louie Broady Nunn’s legacy, someone named a star in his honor through the International Star Registry. On December 25, 2000, the star was officially recorded with the name “Louie Broady Nunn.” Located in the Orion constellation at coordinates Orion RA 6h 20m 1.10s D 01° 25′ 1.56″, this celestial dedication symbolizes the enduring impact of Nunn’s contributions and his shining presence in the hearts and minds of the people he served. Others with stars named near his include, Paul Gardner Allen, Barbara Walters, Billy F Gibbons, Celine Dion, Emmitt Smith, and Harold Guy Hunt.

Astronomy has captivated humanity for centuries, offering a glimpse into the vast expanse of the universe. The Orion constellation, where the dedicated star resides, is one of the most recognizable and prominent constellations in the night sky. Its distinctive shape, resembling a mighty hunter, has fascinated stargazers and storytellers throughout history. By immortalizing Governor Louie Broady Nunn’s name in the celestial realm, the International Star Registry provides a unique and meaningful way to honor his life and accomplishments. 

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In conclusion, Governor Louie Broady Nunn’s remarkable life and political career left an indelible mark on the history of Kentucky. His dedication to public service, commitment to education, and efforts to improve the lives of the state’s residents will always be remembered. The naming of a star in his honor through the International Star Registry serves as a testament to his enduring legacy and the impact he made during his time as governor. Let his shining star in the Orion constellation remind us of his remarkable contributions and the bright future he envisioned for Kentucky. 



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