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Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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This is a newer constellation introduced by Pieter Dirkszoon and Frederick Houtman. It contains 6 main stars in the southern sky, none of which are brighter than 3.8 magnitude. It was originally called Piscis Volans, meaning “Flying Fish”. The name was later shortened to just “Volans”. The flying fish is unique in its ability to jump out of the water and travel measurable distances above the surface. Dirkszoon and Houtman named several constellations for exotic animals. 

The constellation Volans shares a border with the constellations Carina, Pictor, Dorado, Mensa, and Chamaeleon. It is one of the 88 modern constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Volans is located in the southern sky and can be best seen in the months of December and January from the Southern Hemisphere. The constellation contains several faint stars, but it is home to several interesting deep-sky objects, including NGC 2442, which is also called the “Meathook Galaxy”. This galaxy forms a fascinating “S” shape in the sky. 

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Overall, Volans is a fascinating constellation that is worth exploring for anyone who is interested in the night sky. With its interesting deep-sky objects, Volans offers a lot for amateur astronomers and stargazers to discover. And by naming a star for someone through the International Star Registry, you can give a unique and personal gift that will be cherished for years to come. 

Symbol: Vol  

Right Ascension: 08:00  

Declination: -69  

Diameter (°):  

Area (square °): 141  

Opposition: Jan 18  

Size Rank: 76th  

Brightness Rank: 61st  

Genitive: Volantis


Major stars in Volans 

β Volantis (Beta Volantis) 

γ Volantis (Gamma Volantis) 

ζ Volantis (Zeta Volantis) 

δ Volantis (Delta Volantis) 

α Volantis (Alpha Volantis) 

ε Volantis (Epsilon Volantis) 

θ Volantis (Theta Volantis) 

η Volantis (Eta Volantis) 

κ Volantis (Kappa Volantis) 

ι Volantis (Iota Volantis) 

HD 76700 


Deep sky objects in Volans 

NGC 2397 

Lindsay-Shapley Ring – AM0644-741 

Meathook Galaxy (NGC 2442) 

SMACS 0723 

NGC 2434 


Q. Is Volans a small constellation? 

A. Yes, Volans is the 76th constellation in size, occupying an area of 141 square degrees. 

Q. What is the meaning of the Volans constellation? 

A. Volans represents the flying fish.  

Q. What is the brightest star in Volans? 

A. Its brightest star is Beta Volantis, with a magnitude of 3.8 

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