November 12, 2023

Hubble Image of Uranus with Its Rings

The New Moon and a Very Bright Planet – Name A Star

Astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers, get ready for an extraordinary celestial event coming your way on November 13, 2023! This particular night offers a fantastic opportunity for planet watching and star gazing that you won’t want to miss. The reason behind this excitement is the convergence of two remarkable cosmic phenomena: a New Moon and the … Read more

Star Name Neil Young Star Date December 18, 2003 Coordinates Ursa Major RA 10h 28m 53.03s D 57° 26' 18.68"

Happy 78th Birthday Neil Young!

On November 12, we celebrate the 78th birthday of the legendary musician, Neil Young. His extraordinary career in the world of music has spanned decades, touching the hearts of countless fans across the globe. In this blog post, we’ll discuss his remarkable career and explore a star tribute that befits his enduring legacy – a … Read more

Star Name Grace Kelly Star Date February 14, 2005 Coordinates Aquarius RA 20h 44m 40.41s D-08° 53' 22.85"

Princess Grace Kelly: A Tribute on Her 94th Birthday

On November 12, we commemorate the birthday of the timeless icon, Princess Grace Kelly. Her remarkable journey from Hollywood starlet to European royalty continues to captivate our hearts and imaginations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into her illustrious career and explore a celestial tribute that befits her enduring legacy—a star named after her through … Read more

Star Name Ryan Thomas Gosling Star Date November 12, 2005 Coordinates Hercules RA 17h 27m 20.67s D 31° 30' 52.64"

Ryan Gosling, Happy 43rd Birthday!

On November 12, we have the privilege of celebrating the 43rd birthday of the charismatic actor, Ryan Gosling. With a career marked by remarkable performances, Ryan has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Now we’ll delve into his impressive career and explore a celestial tribute that befits his enduring legacy – a star named after … Read more

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