Grant Sawyer: Governor of Nevada with a Named Star in Aquila

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Grant Sawyer was the 21st governor of the state of Nevada and served from 1959 to 1967. He was known for his progressive stance on civil rights and labor issues. Born on December 14, 1918, in Twin Falls, Idaho, Sawyer moved to Nevada in 1949 and soon became involved in politics. He worked as the state attorney general before running for governor in 1958.  During his tenure as governor, Sawyer championed civil rights and worked to desegregate Nevada’s schools and public facilities. He also supported labor unions and collective bargaining rights. In addition, Sawyer oversaw the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the state and was instrumental in the development of Las Vegas as a major tourist destination. 

Sawyer was a beloved figure in Nevada and was known for his charisma and charm. He was also a well-known astronomy enthusiast and had a star named after him by  International Star Registry.  In 1995, someone gifted Sawyer a star in the Aquila constellation named after him. The star was recorded on December 14, 1995, which was Sawyer’s birthday. The star’s coordinates are Aquila RA 19h 5m 14.00s D 15° 30′ 0.00″.   Aquila is a constellation in the northern hemisphere that is best viewed in the summer months. It is named after the Latin word for eagle and is associated with the story of Zeus and his eagle, which carried his thunderbolts. In astrology, Aquila is said to represent the characteristics of strength, courage, and freedom. 

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In conclusion, Grant Sawyer was a beloved governor of Nevada who was known for his progressive policies and charisma. He was also a lover of astronomy and had a star named after him by International Star Registry. International Star Registry offers a unique and meaningful gift that can be used for any occasion and is a way to create a legacy in the night sky. Whether you are looking to honor someone special or create a unique and meaningful gift, International Star Registry has a star package that is right for you. 


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Q.  Where is Governor Sawyer’s star located?

A.  Governor Sawyer’s star is located in the Aquila constellation, which represents the Eagle.

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