Ronald Reagan Has 4 Stars Named for Him

November 17, 2022

International Star Registry

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004)

40th President of the United States January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989

Ronald Reagan defeated incumbent president Jimmy Carter in 1980 to become the 40th president of the United States.

He was born in Tampico, IL and attended school Dixon Illinois. He worked his way through Eureka College. He worked as a sports announcer after college until he switched to acting in 1937. He became a Hollywood star, starring in dozens of films.

He married twice. He had 2 children with his first wife, Jane Wyman. In 1952 he married Nancy Davis and they also had 2 children. Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis Reagan remained married until their deaths.

Originally the president of the Screen Actors Guild, he was elected Governor of California where he served from 1967 - 1975. Once he became president, he instituted conservative policies that stimulated economic growth and curbed inflation. As domestic spending and taxes decreased, he increased defense spending by 35%.

During his presidency, he escalated the cold war to encourage peace through strength. He then negotiated with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to eliminate intermediate-range nuclear missiles. He declared war on terrorism and supported anti-communist regimes.

Becoming president on the heels of the energy crisis, he also ensured the flow of oil during the Iran-Iraq war.

In 1994 Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and he passed away 10 years later.

Four stars have been named for President Reagan.

Ronald Reagan
Hercules RA 16h 28m 57.00s D 07° 45' 0.00"
February 07, 1986

Ronald Reagan
Pegasus RA 23h 41m 45.00s D 08° 13' 0.00"
February 06, 1986

Ronald Wilson "1" Reagan
Puppis RA 7h 56m 57.00s D-23° 10' 0.00"
December 26, 1984

Ronald Wilson Reagan
Ursa Major RA 10h 21m 0.00s D 65° 0' 0.00"
December 25, 1980

  • Q. Why is one star called Ronald Wilson “1” Reagan?

  • A. In 1984 the Heisman Trophy committee named stars for the 50 Heisman Trophy winners and for President Reagan, who was in attendance. The star names contained the players’ numbers, and the star for the president was given the number “1”.
  • Q. Where are Ronald Reagan’s star names recorded?

  • A. President Reagan’s stars are recorded in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Your Place in the Cosmos. These permanent catalogs of the named stars were published and copyrighted in 1985 and 1988.
  • Q. Will my star package look like the one given to the Presidents?

  • A. You will receive the same beautiful International Star Registry Certificate received by all the presidents when you buy a star package to named stars.