Robert Young: A Life of Stardom and Accomplishments

Updated: February 1, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Robert Young Star Date February 13, 2004 Coordinates Cepheus RA 6h 24m 35.05s D 85° 35' 35.60"

Recording a Star Name for Robert Young

On February 13, 2004, a star in the Auriga constellation, located at coordinates Auriga RA 6h 33m 51.86s D 34° 48′ 11.92″, was named in honor of the legendary actor, Robert Young. This heartfelt gesture, made through International Star Registry, forever etched Robert Young’s name in the celestial heavens. 

Astronomy and the Constellation Auriga

Before delving into Robert Young’s remarkable life and career, let’s explore a bit of astronomy. The Auriga constellation, where the star named after Robert Young resides, is one of the 88 recognized constellations in our night sky. It’s often depicted as a charioteer, holding a celestial goat, Capella, in one hand. Stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts have marveled at the wonders of Auriga for centuries.

International Star Registry: A Unique Gift Idea

International Star Registry allows individuals to buy a star package and record a star name for a loved one, creating an enduring and meaningful gift. These personalized stars make exceptional presents for various occasions, from memorial gifts that honor cherished memories to tokens of affection for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The act of naming a star symbolizes a timeless connection between the giver and the recipient, just like the enduring legacy of Robert Young’s career.

Robert Young’s Early Life and Career

Born on February 22, 1907, Robert George Young grew up to become an iconic figure in American film, television, and radio. His journey to stardom began in the early 1930s when he ventured into Hollywood. Young’s talent and charisma quickly earned him a place in the hearts of audiences and the entertainment industry alike.

Father Knows Best: A Legacy

One of Robert Young’s most memorable roles was as Jim Anderson in “Father Knows Best,” a beloved television series that originally aired on CBS, then NBC, and later CBS again. Young portrayed the quintessential father figure, endearing himself to viewers across the nation. His performance in this series earned him a permanent place in American pop culture.

Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Medical Marvel

In addition to his role as Jim Anderson, Robert Young took on the persona of Dr. Marcus Welby in “Marcus Welby, M.D.” This medical drama on ABC showcased Young’s versatility as an actor, allowing him to excel in a completely different genre. His portrayal of the compassionate and skilled physician solidified his status as a legendary actor.

Beyond Acting: A Filmmaker’s Passion

Robert Young’s passion for storytelling extended beyond acting. In 1978, he produced a documentary emphasizing the importance of motorcycle training for teenagers. This documentary earned him the prestigious 1979 BAFTA Award for Best Specialized Film, showcasing his dedication to meaningful projects both in front of and behind the camera.


In the celestial tapestry of the universe, Robert Young’s name now shines brightly among the stars. His enduring legacy as a gifted actor and filmmaker continues to captivate and inspire. Just as you can buy a star name to commemorate a special occasion, Robert Young’s work will forever remain a shining example of talent and dedication.

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