Star Wars Fans! Mark Hamill has a Star Named

November 17, 2022

International Star Registry

Mark Hamill

In a galaxy far, far away, Mark Hamill is shown holding an International Star Registry product. He had a "My Sky Moment" map created for him showing how the stars aligned on May 25, 1977, the day his first “Star Wars” Film was released in movie theaters.

The force is strong with actor Mark Hamill! He is best known for his portrayal of “Luke Skywalker” in the popular “Star Wars” films throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Born Mark Richard Hamill on September 25, 1951 in Oakland, California to Virginia Suzanne (Johnson) and William Thomas Hamill, a captain in the United States Navy. He majored in drama at Los Angeles City College and made his acting debut on “The Bill Cosby Show” (1969).

Mark got to reprise his role as “Luke Skywalker” in the recent Star Wars films, which he recalled as being a “gift” to be able to do again.

In 2019, Mark Hamill received the ICON AWARD at Comic Con Convention in San Diego.

In 2021, Mark was awarded a Daytime Emmy for his children’s programming and animation achievements for his voice work in “Elena of Avalor.”

A star was named for Mark Hamill by a fan on "Star Wars Day" May 4, 2018

Mark Richard Hamill -Luke Skywalker
Perseus RA 2h 49m 42.55s D 56° 54' 41.98"
May 4, 2018

  • Q. Do other Star Wars Actors have stars named?

  • A. Yes, we have been asked to name a star for Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, and others.
  • Q. When I buy a star package will it be like the stars named for celebrities?

  • A. Yes, when you name a star, you will receive the same star certificate that has been presented to celebrities around the world
  • Q. Where in the sky is the star for Luke Skywalker?

  • A. The star named for Mark Hamill-Luke Skywalker is located in the constellation Perseus, the hero.