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November 15, 2022

International Star Registry

NASA Image of Pisces Constellation_International Star Registry

Pisces is represented by two fishes tied considerably far apart from each other at their extremities by a long, undulating cord or ribbon.

It is such a large constellation that it was divided into smaller asterisms by astronomer Johannes Hevelius in his 1690 Star Atlas. Pisces is divided into the North Fish (Piscis Boreus), the North Cord (Linum Boreum), the South Cord (Linum Austrinum), and the South Fish (Piscis Austrinus).

The sun passes through this twelfth sign in March and April. Pisces is located between Aries to the east and Aquarius to the west. The connecting knot of the cord tying the fishes, Al Rischa`(the Cord) is its brightest star.

Nearest constellations to Pisces are Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cetus, Pegasus, and Triangulum.

Symbol: Psc
Right Ascension: 12:37
Declination: 9
Diameter (°): 33
Area (square °): 889
Opposition: Oct 03
Size Rank: 14th
Brightness Rank: 42nd
Genitive: Piscium

Major stars in Pisces
Alpherg – η Piscium (Eta Piscium)
γ Piscium (Gamma Piscium)
ω Piscium (Omega Piscium)
ι Piscium (Iota Piscium)
ο Piscium (Omicron Piscium)
Alrescha – α Piscium (Alpha Piscium)
ε Piscium (Epsilon Piscium)
θ Piscium (Theta Piscium)
δ Piscium (Delta Piscium)
ν Piscium (Nu Piscium)
Fumalsamakah – β Piscium (Beta Piscium)
Van Maanen’s Star
19 Piscium (TX Piscium)
107 Piscium
96 G. Piscium (HD 4638)
54 Piscium
6 G. Piscium (HD 217107)

Deep Sky Objects in Pisces
Messier 74 (M74, NGC 628)
M74 Group
CL 0024+1654
NGC 7541
NGC 7537
3C 31 (NGC 383)
CGCG 436-030 (PGC 4798)
Pisces Dwarf (PGC 3792)
Arp 284 – NGC 7714 and NGC 7715
NGC 474
NGC 520
NGC 7459
NGC 514
NGC 57
NGC 60

Mythology of the Constellation Pisces

The ancient Babylonians saw the constellation as two fishes joined by a cord. The imagery remained in Greek and Roman myths. Today, Pisces is still drawn that way as one of the 88 modern constellations.

The ancient Greeks have a fable to account for the origin of almost every constellation. They say that Aphrodite and Eros (also known as Venus and her son Cupid) were on the banks of the Euphrates one day when they were greatly alarmed at the appearance of the terrible giant Typhon. Throwing themselves into the river, they were changed into fishes and thus escaped danger.

According to Ovid, Homer and Virgil, this giant Typhon had a hundred heads like those of a serpent or dragon. Pernicious flames darted from his mouth and eyes. From the moment of birth, he made war against Heaven and so frightened the gods that they fled and assumed different shapes.

Jupiter (Zeus) became a ram, Mercury an ibis, Apollo a crow, Juno a cow, Bacchus a goat, Diana a cat, Venus a fish, etc. The father of the gods, Zeus, defeated Typhon with his thunderbolts and crushed him under Mount Aetna.

In some stories, the fishes saved Aphrodite and Eros. As a reward, Minerva immortalized the event by placing two fishes among the stars.

In the Hebrew zodiac, Pisces is allotted to the escutcheon of Naphtali. The Chinese called Pisces, Tweu Tsze, the pig. Christians assigned it to St. Matthias, the successor to Judas Iscariot. Some refer to the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Pisces Zodiac
Sun Enters: February 19
Sun Leaves: March 20
Planet: Neptune
Trait: Open-minded
Positives: Compassionate, emotional, unworldly, adaptable, kind, intuitive, receptive, fun
Negatives: Undisciplined, careless, indecisive, reckless, secretive
As a Child: Difficult to correct
Plant: Lilac
Emotional: Easily carried away
Career: Actor, Inventor

  • Q. What is Pisces?

  • A. Pisces is the 14th constellation in size, occupying an area of 889 square degrees.
  • Q. What is the symbol of Pisces?

  • A. In the sky, Pisces is represented as two fish swimming at right angles to each other, one to the north and one to the west.
  • Q. Are there any celebrities that have stars in the Pisces constellation?

  • A. Quite a few: Elizabeth Taylor, Harrison Ford and Jessica Beil.