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Did you know the Cancer constellation is one of the zodiac’s twelve signs? It’s found on the path where the sun moves in the sky, known as the ecliptic plane. Cancer is next to GeminiLynxLeo MinorLeoHydra, and Canis Minor. This makes it a big deal in the night sky of the northern hemisphere. It takes up 506 square degrees, placing it as the 31st biggest constellation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The constellation Cancer  is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.
  • It is bordered by Gemini, Lynx, Leo Minor, Leo, Hydra, and Canis Minor.
  • Covering 506 square degrees, it is the 31st largest constellation.
  • The Cancer constellation is visible in the northern hemisphere.

Are you drawn to the starry night and keen on learning about the Cancer constellation? Keep reading to discover its stories from ancient times, its significance in the sky, its role in astrology, the names of its stars, and fun facts about Cancer.

Discover the Stars of Cancer Constellation:

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The Mythological Significance of Cancer Constellation

The Cancer Constellation has deep mythological roots from Greek stories.

This constellation is tied to the tale of Hercules and the crab. Hera, a goddess, sent a big crab to stop Hercules from defeating the Hydra.

Hercules wasn’t stopped by the crab. He kicked it to the sky, making it a star. This is how the Cancer Constellation got its name, after the crab.

Cancer is seen as the fourth zodiac sign, covering from late June to mid-July. Its symbol, a crab, comes from the story of Hercules and the crab.

Learn more about the Cancer Constellation’s amazing stories written in the stars.

Astronomical Significance of Cancer Constellation

The Cancer star constellation, or the Cancer astrology sign, is an important part of the night sky. It’s one of the 88 constellations we know. You can see it in the north sky from both hemispheres, but at different times.

Artistic rendering to a busy night sky. The sky is dark blue and purple. In the center is a bright nebula with an intense golden glow at the center. The stars are radiating beams of light.

In Cancer constellation, there are many stars and objects that draw the eye. Altarf shines the brightest. It has a visual magnitude of 3.54. Asellus Australis is another main star, with a brightness of 3.94.

Acubens is a group of stars in Cancer. Together, their brightness reaches 4.26. In addition, there are two beautiful open clusters called Messier objects. The first is M44, or the Beehive Cluster. The other is M67, both making Cancer an area rich in celestial sights.

Cancer constellation is full of interesting stars and objects. It’s a great place for both astronomers and those who love staring at the sky. The Cancer constellation is not just beautiful; it’s full of meaning in astronomy.

Cancer Constellation’s Influence on Astrology

In astrology, the Cancer Constellation is very important. It shapes the personalities of those born under it. Symbolized by the crab, it is nurturing and emotional, like water.

Those with Cancer sign often show that they’re intuitive and sensitive. They deeply care about their emotions. This makes them understand and help others well. They are known to be great friends and listeners.

Cancers are very dedicated to their family and loved ones. They aim to make others feel safe and loved. They are the support and comfort for their close ones.

One of their biggest strengths is their loyalty. If they choose to be your friend or partner, they are there for you always. They protect and care for you at all costs.

The Nurturing Personality of Cancer

Cancers are known for offering someone a shoulder to lean on. They naturally provide emotional support. They are often sought out for advice during tough times.

They trust their feelings to make choices. Their ability to understand others’ emotions is exceptional. This helps them give advice that really helps. It makes them perfect for roles like counselling or caregiving.

In short, the Cancer zodiac shape individuals who are kind, caring, and put family first. Their strong connection with their emotions helps them move through life thoughtfully.

To find out more about Cancer zodiac traits, check the Cancer horoscope at International Star Registry’s website.

Naming a Star in the Cancer Constellation

Naming a star in the Cancer Constellation is quite interesting. International Star Registry lets you buy a star for someone and give it a special name.

This makes naming a star a great gift for any event. It helps you remember a loved one or celebrate a big moment forever.

Choosing a star in the Cancer Constellation is a unique and thoughtful way. It lets you honor the sign of Cancer in a special manner.

Cancer Zodiac Facts and Information

Cancer is a zodiac sign full of interesting facts. People born in this time, from June 22 to July 22, are special. They have unique traits that make them different.

This sign is a water sign, which means they are all about feelings. They are good at understanding things without being told. They care deeply for others and are quick to help.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and known for its care towards home. They are the first to act and help others, but sometimes forget about themselves.

They are symbolized by The Chariot card in Tarot. It stands for moving forward with determination and strength. They are strong-willed and work hard for success.

They are best suited for relationships with other water signs. Scorpio and Pisces understand them well. Together, they create deep bonds.

The Cancer constellation is one of 13 in the zodiac, making it special. It’s not too big, but its stars hold their own beauty. There are many stars and a cluster of planets there.

The Beehive Cluster, or Messier 44, is part of it. It’s far, about 577 light years away. This shows how vast and beautiful the cosmos is.

To see Cancer, look at the night sky between autumn and spring in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern, it’s best seen from summer to autumn.

Want to know more about Cancer? Space facts about the Cancer constellation and personality traits of Cancer zodiac sign.

With this info, you now understand Cancer zodiac better. Its mysteries and deep traits make it an interesting sign to learn about.

Cancer Constellation in Astronomy

The Cancer Constellation is special in both astrology and science. It helps astronomers learn about the universe. This medium-sized constellation is about 506 square degrees big.

The brightest star in Cancer is Beta Cancri. It’s known as Tarf and has a magnitude of 3.5. This star helps astronomers find their way around.

10 stars in Cancer have planets, which excites scientists. The star 55 Cancri has five planets. One of them might be able to support life.

Praesepe, or the Beehive Cluster, is in Cancer too. It’s about 590 light-years from Earth. This cluster has around 50 stars.

Messier 67 is another cluster in Cancer. It’s about 2600 light-years away. This cluster is very old, between 3.2 and 5 billion years.

OJ 287, a special object, is also in Cancer. It’s about 3.5 billion light-years away. OJ 287 has a huge black hole at its center.

The Cancer Constellation’s area is between certain points in the sky. It has 104 stars visible to us at a certain brightness.

Cancer is next to several other constellations in the sky. They all fit together beautifully in the night.

Zeta Cancri is known for its four stars. It shows astronomers how stars in a system interact.

Rho1 Cancri, or 55 Cancri, is a special star system. It’s 40.9 light-years away and has five planets. It teaches us about how planets form and move.

Although it’s the faintest zodiac constellation, Cancer has a lot to offer. The Beehive Cluster, its gem, has about 1,000 stars. It’s 577 light-years away and a great study site.

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A bright blue night sky is covered in stars. There is a diagonal band of light representing the Milky Way galaxy. The MIlky Way includes a dark section and glowing pink and plue.

Look up at the stars and wonder about the Cancer Constellation. It helps us learn more about the universe and makes us curious about space.

Historical Significance of Cancer Constellation

The Cancer Constellation has a big historical impact that began long ago. Greek astronomer Ptolemy named it in the second century. Many ancient cultures recognized and valued this celestial group.

In some beliefs, the Cancer Constellation was seen as a gateway. It was the path for souls coming from Heaven to Earth, entering new human lives. This idea highlights Cancer’s strong connection to the spiritual and change.

Connected to the zodiac sign Cancer, also called the Crab, this constellation represents traits of people born under Cancer. They’re seen as intuitive, caring, and emotionally aware. The meaning of the Cancer star sign reflects the deep history and associations of the Cancer Constellation.

Naming a star in the Constellation Cancer is a way to honor its past significance. International Star Registry lets anyone name a star in this group. This makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone you love, or even yourself.

Understanding the historical importance of the Cancer Constellation adds to its cultural and symbolic significance. It connects astrology, mythology, and astronomy. This exploration shows how we fit into the vastness of the universe.


The Cancer Constellation is a captivating sight in the night sky. It is both a part of ancient stories and current science. Story-wise, it’s linked to Hercules and a crab. In the sky, it shows up in astrology and astronomy. Cancer brings so much to learn and enjoy, whether through myths, star signs, or space facts.

This constellation is a favorite among celebrities. Some celebrities that have their very own stars named in Cygnus include John Cusack, Ashley Tisdale, and Ruth Warrick

Want to know more about Cancer and see its interesting sky parts? Visit this link. Ready to name a star after someone in the Cancer Constellation for a loved one? Go to International Star Registry’s site at www.starregistry.com/cancer/ for a unique present.


What is the Cancer Constellation?

The Cancer Constellation, or Cancri, is in the northern sky. It’s in between Gemini, Lynx, and other constellations. Its space covers about 506 square degrees.

What is the mythological significance of the Cancer Constellation?

In Greek mythology, Cancer is linked to Hercules and a crab. Hera sent the crab to distract Hercules. When Hercules saw this, he kicked the crab into the stars. This made the Cancer Constellation.

How does the Cancer Constellation influence astrology?

In astrology, Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. It’s active from June 22 to July 22. Cancerians are known to be very caring and family-focused. They’re loved for their emotional depth and loyalty.

Can I name a star in the Cancer Constellation?

Yes, naming a star in Cancer is possible. International Star Registry lets you do this. It can be a special gift for celebrating Cancer’s astrological role.

What is the historical significance of the Cancer Constellation?

Cancer’s historical importance is great across ancient cultures. Some believed it was where souls passed to enter Earth. This shows its spiritual value.

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