Cancer and Pisces Compatibility: Love & Friendship

Published: June 18, 2024  Author: International Star Registry

Have you ever felt close to someone without many words? A bond where you just seem to get each other? Well, Cancer and Pisces have exactly that. Being water signs, they connect deeply and understand each other without saying much.

Cancer was born between June 21 and July 22, while Pisces’ dates are from February 19 to March 20. A big difference is Cancer’s practical nature vs. Pisces’ dreamy outlook. Yet, they share values that make their bond strong.

Both signs thrive on emotional closeness and understanding. They are great at reading feelings and love deeply. They see love as a safe place where they can be themselves without judgment.

Not just in love, Cancer and Pisces make great friends too. As a trine in astrology, their bond is supportive and long-lasting.

Two women under the water with fish hats lean into eachother for an embrace

Famous Pisces include Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Cancer is represented by Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. These stars show the strength of Pisces and Cancer’s connection.

Whether as lovers or friends, Cancer and Pisces match well. They both value deep connections and creativity. This makes them understanding and supportive partners.

However, sexual chemistry can be different for each couple. They need good communication to keep their passion strong. Being open about what they want is key.

Cancer and Pisces go deeper than just the physical. They are devoted and loving. Their shared love for art and creativity strengthens their bond.

For marriage, Pisces and Cancer are seen as a great match. Their similar values and goals create a stable relationship. Good talking helps them overcome any challenges and stay passionate.

In all, Cancer and Pisces’ connection is blessed by many traits they share. Their deep emotions and understanding bring them together in a meaningful way. They are empathetic and caring, not just as partners but as true friends.

Understanding Pisces and Cancer

Pisces and Cancer are both water signs. They stand for deep feelings, knowing things without being told, and sharing. Pisces loves to dream and make up things, Neptune guides them. Cancer feels deeply, cares a lot, and keeps safe, all due to the moon’s influence.

They share a strong emotional link. Pisces and Cancer deeply get what the other needs. They put feelings and being close first in their love. Each is kind and feels the other’s emotions. This makes their bond very strong.


Pisces BasicsCancer Basics
  • Dates: February 19 to March 20
  • Famous Pisces: Rihanna, Olivia Rodrigo, Trevor Noah, Elliot Page, etc.
  • Dates: June 21 to July 22
  • Famous Cancers: Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Solange, Selena Gomez, etc.

Both Pisces and Cancer are very emotionally in-tune. Even though Jupiter inspires Pisces, and the Moon leads Cancer, their shared love for deep feelings stands out.

But, they do differ. Cancer likes fancy things, which could be too much for Pisces. Cancer can also be too clingy, yet Pisces is okay with that as long as there’s someone making decisions.

In many ways, Pisces and Cancer click well. Their emotional closeness and shared element brings extraordinary understanding. This helps them have a love that’s real and keep a strong, calm relationship.

Compatibility Ratings 
  • Love compatibility between Cancer and Pisces: 70%
  • Sexual compatibility between Cancer and Pisces: 70%
  • Friendship compatibility between Cancer and Pisces: 70%
  • Communication compatibility between Cancer and Pisces: 70%
  • Relationship tips for Cancer and Pisces: Focus on compromise and adjustment
  • Pisces: One of the most loyal signs in the zodiac
  • Cancer and Pisces partnership: Known for lasting and deep emotions
  • Different aspects of compatibility highlighted within the framework of love, sex, friendship, and communication

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility in Friendship

Pisces and Cancer make a great match as friends. They both belong to the water element. This means they understand each other deeply. Famous Pisces, including Rihanna and Queen Latifah, get along well with stars like Ariana Grande and Tom Hanks.

Both signs love home comforts. This makes their friendship cozy. They enjoy things like watching movies, eating at home, and visiting the beach. They value talking about their feelings and connecting emotionally. Their intuition helps them not only understand but also support each other.

Cancer usually leads the way with plans. They bring stability to the friendship. Pisces is flexible and supports Cancer’s ideas. This mix of leadership and adaptability works well for them. It helps create a balanced and happy friendship.

About 85% of Cancer and Pisces find a great friend in each other. This is because they value similar things. Loyalty is key for both signs. They like having meaningful conversations and close connections more than big groups.

They also love art like music, books, and painting. This bonds them even more. About 80% of them enjoy creative activities together. These shared interests deepen their friendship.

When they have a disagreement, Cancer and Pisces are good at solving it. They both really care about the other’s feelings. This leads to a 75% success rate in solving conflicts. Their understanding and empathy keep their friendship strong.

Overall, Pisces and Cancer share a friendship filled with deep emotions and understanding. They support and care for each other. This helps create a lasting and strong bond between them.

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility in Romantic Relationships

Pisces and Cancer have a strong bond in love. It’s all because of their watery nature. Pisces is the fishes, and Cancer is the crab. They connect deeply because they’re both emotional and easily understand each other. Their love is built on trust and loyalty.

A woman with curly hair and a man with a beard lean in for a kiss in front of a tank filled with tropical fish

Pisces brings a dreamy feel, and Cancer is full of emotions. Together, because of their shared emotions, they get each other really well. For them, emotional closeness is key. They look after each other’s feelings a lot.

They both love being introverted and emotional. But they need to work on keeping their love life exciting. Their understanding makes romance amazing. Yet, it might become dull because they already get each other so well. They can fight this by trying new things together.

Both signs love art and creative things. They enjoy art and music activities. Doing these together makes their bond even stronger. It deepens their emotional link.

Talking openly is crucial for Pisces and Cancer. They are both very sensitive. They might hurt each other by mistake. But, if they talk openly and kindly, they can fix any problem. It also makes their connection stronger.

Being committed helps Pisces and Cancer a lot. They work together and talk a lot. This helps their relationship a ton because of their deep emotional bond.

As a trine in astrology, Pisces and Cancer are well matched. They stand four signs away in the zodiac. This makes their bond even stronger. And with trust and loyalty, they can build a relationship full of love and understanding.

Ruled by Jupiter and NeptuneRuled by the Moon
Famous Pisces: Rihanna, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin BieberFamous Cancers: Ariana Grande, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep
Date Range: February 19 to March 20Date Range: June 21 to July 22

Ways Pisces and Cancer Match Up

Pisces and Cancer are different but share key traits that fit well together. They both put a lot of value on deep feelings in their relationships. This helps them match up in several ways.

1. Emotional Intimacy: They’re both great at making strong emotional ties. Understanding and supporting each other is paramount. This helps with comfort and support in the relationship.

2. Value of Relationships: They both see relationships as very important. Pisces is quick to fall in love and commit. Cancer takes a bit more time to open up, needing a feeling of true commitment first.

3. Communication Style: Talking deeply and lovingly is common for them. Both signs listen and speak from the heart. This means they can support each other emotionally and with deep understanding.

4. Friendship Compatibility: As friends, they quickly build a close bond. Their shared openness lets them freely talk about their feelings. This deep trust helps in their friendship.

5. Harmony and Compatibility: Cancer and Pisces are naturally a good match according to astrology. Being 120 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel is very harmonious. They feel they can be themselves and see support in their relationship.

Pisces TraitsCancer Traits
Emotionally sensitiveProtective

To sum it up, Pisces and Cancer can overcome their differences. Their ability to truly understand and support each other is key. Being emotionally connected, valuing relationships, and deep communication make them a good partnership. With trust and understanding, they can have a loving and satisfying relationship.

Potential Conflicts in a Pisces and Cancer Relationship

Pisces and Cancer can have a good relationship. Yet, they may face issues because they feel things deeply. This can cause big fights over feelings. They must learn to manage their emotions together. Cancer is very loyal and wants to protect. But, they might not understand why Pisces needs freedom. Pisces values their independence. It’s key for them to talk openly and respect what the other needs.

Feeling too much can be a problem for Pisces and Cancer. Their deep emotions can make them feel stuck in their feelings. They need to grow individually and keep some things private. This will help keep their love fresh.

Talking openly is crucial for Pisces and Cancer to avoid fights. They understand each other’s feelings well. This makes them good at solving problems together.

Potential Conflicts in a Pisces and Cancer Relationship

InconsistencyPisces’ changing ways might make Cancer feel unsure. This could lead to tension.
Temperamental DifferencesSometimes Cancer’s shifting moods don’t match Pisces’ flexible nature. It needs patience and understanding.
Emotional SaturationBoth being so deep can make them feel drowned by intense emotions.

These issues can be tough but are not unbeatable. With talking and understanding, Pisces and Cancer can make a great life together.

A woman with green hair and a woman with brown hair are swept together by a pair of waves

Pisces and Cancer as Soulmates

Pisces and Cancer are usually not seen as perfect soulmates. But, they share deep emotions and understand each other well. They form a strong bond through their shared feelings, values, and deep understanding. This connection can lead to a fulfilling relationship.

Astrology says Pisces and Cancer are a great love match. Both being water signs, they deeply feel each other’s emotions. Their understanding of each other’s feelings makes their bond strong and emotional.

Pisces people, born between February 19 and March 20, are known for being dreamy and creative. Famous Pisces include Rihanna, Olivia Rodrigo, and Trevor Noah. These individuals show the sign’s compassionate and imaginative traits.

Cancers, born between June 21 and July 22, are sensitive and caring. They are loyal to their loved ones. Famous Cancers include Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and Solange. They represent these nurturing qualities.

The Importance of Emotional Connection and Loyalty

Pisces and Cancers connect deeply emotionally. They value loyalty and their partner’s feelings. They support each other and create a loving environment to grow.

In love, they experience a strong, passionate bond. Their intimate connection is romantic and erotic. Yet, it’s important to remember, each couple’s dynamic in the bedroom varies.

In long-term relationships like marriage, they work well together. Both value loyalty and care about their partner’s happiness. Keeping communication open is key. This prevents issues from building up.

Famous Pisces and Cancer Couples

Camila Mendes (Cancer) and Rudy Mancuso (Pisces) show how well they connect emotionally. But, Selena Gomez (Cancer) and Justin Bieber (Pisces) couldn’t make it work. This shows each couple is different.

Overall Compatibility

According to astrologists, Pisces and Cancer are 70% compatible in love. This means they understand each other emotionally and support their partner.

As friends, they also get along well, with a 70% compatibility score. Their similar personalities and interests make for a strong friendship. They enjoy doing creative things and talking about their feelings.

Their communication also ranks at 70%. This means they can talk openly about their feelings. This helps make their relationship solid and understanding.

While every relationship has its ups and downs, Pisces and Cancer can overcome them. Their deep emotional bond, shared values, and understanding make them a good match. With a little work and acceptance, they can have a very fulfilling relationship.

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility Summary

Pisces and Cancer connect well through their shared water element. They understand each other deeply and value emotional bonds. Though they might fight emotionally, they can have a strong and lasting love. This is as long as their communication is good and they always support each other.

Friendly Pisces and Cancer get along well because they’re both water signs. They love doing creative things together. This makes them great friends who help each other emotionally.

Sexually, they can have very romantic times if they don’t get bored. They might feel bored if they’re too alike in what they want.

In romance, they’re both very loyal and care deeply. They both love art. To keep their love strong, they need to communicate openly and support each other emotionally.

Thinking about marrying a Pisces or Cancer looks good. They match well in their personalities and what they want. But they must always talk well to keep their marriage happy.

Famous Pisces and Cancer Couples

Many famous couples show how well Pisces and Cancer match. Some are still together, like Camila Mendes and Rudy Mancuso. Others, like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, have split up.

Still TogetherBroken Up
Camila Mendes (Cancer) and Rudy Mancuso (Pisces)Selena Gomez (Cancer) and Justin Bieber (Pisces)
Lily Collins (Pisces) and Charlie McDowell (Cancer)Khloe Kardashian (Cancer) and Tristan Thompson (Pisces)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Cancer) and Sophie Hunter (Pisces)Elon Musk (Cancer) and Grimes (Pisces)
 Drew Barrymore (Pisces) and Will Kopelman (Cancer)

These celeb couples show how deep the bond between Pisces and Cancer can be. They prove that with balance, their love can last.

Ultimately, Pisces and Cancer are deeply compatible due to their emotional nature. Even through challenges, with good communication and support, their love can be harmonious.

Famous Pisces and Cancer Couples

Pisces and Cancer make famous couples that show us more than horoscope matches. They prove real love goes deeper than stars. Here are some celebrity pairs who share a special bond.

Camila Mendes, a Cancer, and Rudy Mancuso, a Pisces, show us warmth and understanding. They have a beautiful connection based on deep feelings and knowing each other well.

Lily Collins, a Pisces, and Charlie McDowell, a Cancer, are another great match. They share a closeness and support that’s quite inspiring.

Benedict Cumberbatch, a Cancer, and Sophie Hunter, a Pisces, are also deeply connected. They show how emotional and creative support can build a strong and loving relationship.

These famous pairs remind us of what makes Pisces and Cancer a wonderful match. Their shared deep emotions and support lead to lasting love. The strong emotional ties they build can last forever.

A cute pair of blue and green cartoon fishes with crab claws
RihannaAriana Grande
Olivia RodrigoPost Malone
Trevor NoahSolange
Elliot PageSelena Gomez
Lupita Nyong’oChloe Bailey
Justin BieberKhloé Kardashian
Queen LatifahTom Hanks
Millie Bobby BrownMeryl Streep
Kumail NanjianiJaden Smith
Drew BarrymoreLana Del Rey
Oscar IsaacJacob Elordi
Olivia WildeSandra Oh
Jhené AikoCamila Mendes

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces and Cancer match well, but they can also have good relationships with different zodiac signs. Astrological connection looks at the whole birth chart, not just the sun sign. Exploring these unique connections is interesting for both.

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

Pisces and Virgo go well together, even though they are different elements. Pisces’ dreams mix nicely with Virgo’s practical mindset. Virgo helps ground Pisces’ dreams, and Pisces brings creativity to Virgo’s world.

Cancer and Other Water Signs

Cancer finds a lot of love with other water signs like Scorpio, Pisces, or another Cancer. They all share deep emotions and can understand each other well. This natural bond means they support and love each other deeply.

But, it’s important to look at both people’s birth charts for more detailed advice. You should check out how all their astrological signs connect. This gives a better view of how they may get along.

Zodiac SignCompatibility Rating
Another PiscesHigh
Another CancerHigh

Pisces and Cancer usually rank high in compatibility charts. Yet, finding love with other signs can also be wonderful. It all depends on the unique mix of each person’s birth chart and their connection.


The bond between Cancer and Pisces is truly special. They are both water signs, which means they deeply feel things. This brings about a strong connection built on mutual understanding, loyalty, and care. Cancer and Pisces lift each other up and stand by one another, be it in love or friendship.

They do face some hurdles in handling their feelings and keeping the spark alive. But, their respect for each other, deep talks, and shared dreams help keep their relationship strong. They are well-suited to be together in a long-term partnership.

Cancer and Pisces are known for their extra sensitivity and almost supernatural connection. Cancer, being ruled by the Moon, understands others’ feelings very well. On the other hand, Pisces, guided by Neptune, deeply feels and cares for everyone. When they join forces, a powerful bond takes shape, considered one of the strongest in the zodiac.

In the unique world they build, Cancer and Pisces help each other grow and evolve. They work towards common dreams and encourage each other. This leads to the ultimate outcome of love and happiness. Together, they are a standout in astrology for the way they boost each other’s happiness and life fulfillment.


What is the compatibility between Cancer and Pisces?

Cancer and Pisces fit well together. They both are water signs. This shared trait helps them connect emotionally.

What are the traits of Pisces and Cancer?

Pisces is known to be dreamy and creative. Cancer is more sensitive, cares a lot, and protects those they love.

Can Cancer and Pisces be friends?

Yes, they make great friends. Cancer is down-to-earth, which complements Pisces’ easy-going nature. Their emotional bond is strong.

How compatible are Pisces and Cancer in romantic relationships?

They’re very compatible romantically. Their deep emotional understanding forms a solid base for their relationship.

What are the similarities and differences between Pisces and Cancer?

Both signs treasure close, loyal relationships. Cancer leans towards practicality, balancing Pisces’ dreaminess, which helps them work well together.

What conflicts may arise in a Pisces and Cancer relationship?

Their emotions can sometimes clash, leading to problems. Finding ways to balance their feelings and independence is key to a strong bond.

Can Pisces and Cancer be soulmates?

They might not seem perfect for each other at first. Yet, their deep emotional connection can lead to a profoundly meaningful relationship.

What is the summary of Pisces and Cancer compatibility?

Pisces and Cancer connect deeply on an emotional level. Their loyalty and strong emotional bond make for a rich and satisfying relationship.

Who are some famous Pisces and Cancer couples?

Examples include Camila Mendes (Cancer) and Rudy Mancuso (Pisces). Also, Lily Collins (Pisces) with Charlie McDowell (Cancer). And, Benedict Cumberbatch (Cancer) alongside Sophie Hunter (Pisces).

Are Pisces and Cancer compatible with other zodiac signs?

Pisces can click with Virgos, while Cancer might get along well with other water signs. Still, looking at individual birth charts for full compatibility insight is wise.

What is the conclusion of the compatibility between Cancer and Pisces?

Cancer and Pisces are highly compatible. Their strong emotional bond overcomes any obstacles, showing potential for a loving and lasting relationship.

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