Neal Schon: Journey’s Iconic Guitarist Turns 70

Neal Schon‘s journey to rock stardom began at an early age. Born on February 27, 1954, at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Schon grew up in a musical family, with his father being a big band musician and his mother a singer. At the tender age of 10, he started playing guitar, and by 17, he had joined the legendary band Santana. This early start laid the foundation for a remarkable career that continues to inspire musicians worldwide.

The Formation of Journey

In 1973, Schon co-founded Journey, a band that would become synonymous with classic rock. As the last original member to remain throughout the group’s history, Schon’s guitar skills and songwriting have been pivotal in shaping the band’s signature sound. Journey’s success is adorned with numerous hit albums and singles, making them one of the most iconic bands of the rock era.

Beyond Journey

Apart from Journey, Schon’s versatility as a musician is evident in his extensive work. He has collaborated with various artists, including Jan Hammer, Sammy Hagar, and Paul Rodgers. His solo career has also been successful, with albums like “Late Nite” and “Universe” showcasing his exceptional guitar skills.

A Star Named After Neal Schon

In 2001, Neal Schon received a unique honor: a star named after him in the Hercules constellation. This gift, given through International Star Registry, is a fitting tribute to a musician who has always aimed for the stars in his career.

International Star Registry and Hercules Constellation

International Star Registry offers a unique way to celebrate special occasions by naming stars. For those wondering, “Can you name a star?” the answer is yes. It’s a thoughtful 70th birthday gift idea for someone who has everything.

The Hercules constellation, home to Schon’s star, is one of the larger constellations in the night sky. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s named after Hercules, the Roman mythological hero adapted from the Greek hero Heracles. It’s a fitting location for a star named after a musical hero like Neal Schon.

A Legacy of Music and Inspiration

Neal Schon’s career is a testament to his enduring talent and influence in the music industry. As he celebrates his 70th birthday, his legacy continues to inspire new generations of musicians and fans alike. His star in the Hercules constellation is not just a symbol of his astronomical achievements but also a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere.

Happy 70th Birthday, Neal Schon!

As Neal Schon celebrates this milestone, fans and musicians around the world honor his contributions to music. His journey with Journey and beyond has been a soundtrack to many lives, and his star shines brightly, both in the sky and in the hearts of those who admire his work.


Neal Schon’s 70-year journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From a prodigious talent to a rock legend, his impact on music is undeniable. His star in the Hercules constellation is a symbol of his luminous career, a fitting honor for a true star of the music world. Happy 70th birthday, Neal Schon!

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