ABC Named a Star on “Splitting Up Together”

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When the television show Splitting Up Together reached out to the International Star Registry in 2018, it was thrilling. The show’s art department contacted us to buy a star package to name a star for an upcoming episode. The result? A remarkable episode featuring of the International Star Registry package in the series as an important part of the storyline.

The Star-Studded Cameo on Splitting Up Together

Splitting Up Together, a beloved romantic comedy on the ABC network, enjoyed a successful run from 2018 to 2019, captivating audiences with its engaging plotlines. Starring Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, the series revolved around a divorced couple, Lena and Mason, navigating life after their split. The show’s premise centered on co-parenting their three children, Mason, Mae, and Milo.

A Stellar Episode: “Star of Milo”

The iconic International Star Registry certificate made its debut on May 15, 2018, during Season 1, Episode 7 titled “Star of Milo.” In this particular episode, which drew in about 7 million viewers, Lena and Martin organized an outer-space themed birthday bash for their son, Milo. Amidst the festivities, Milo received an extraordinary gift – a star named after him – leaving everyone, including the parents and party guests, awe-struck.

Capturing the Moment

In the memorable scene, Monica Barbaro portrayed “Lisa Apple,” presenting Sander Thomas as “Milo” with the beautiful International Star Registry certificate as an unforgettable gift. This symbolic gesture of naming a star after Milo resonated deeply within the storyline, highlighting the emotional impact of giving and receiving such a special gift.

Why Name a Star?

The inclusion of star naming in a popular TV series like Splitting Up Together showcased the world-famous International Star Registry certificate that has been featured on television and in movies around the world. Naming a star through the International Star Registry is a memorable and impactful gift, making it so much more than just part of a fictional plotline; it’s a real opportunity for anyone to commemorate special moments and individuals in their lives with a tangible and everlasting tribute.

Buy a Star: Perfect Gift Ideas for Space Lovers

Are you searching for a gift that’s truly out-of-this-world? Naming a star could be the perfect choice! Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, a star named through  International Star Registry serves as an exceptional and heartfelt gesture. It’s a unique way to honor loved ones, capture memories, or express profound feelings for someone dear.

Star-Themed Gifts for Every Occasion

Looking for more star-themed gifts to complement the stellar gesture of naming a star? International Star Registry offers a range of beautiful add-on items perfect for space enthusiasts. From beautifully framing and a customized Photographic Sky Image,  to elegant engraved jewelry, there’s something special for every star lover.

The recognition received by the International Star Registry through its cameo on Splitting Up Together shed light on the sentimental value of naming a star. Beyond the screens, the act of buying a star package and naming a star holds immense emotional significance for those who wish to celebrate life’s moments in a unique and celestial way.

Consider gifting the stars to your loved ones and make their special occasions shine brighter than ever before.


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