A Valentine’s Day Proposal That Shines for Eternity

A couple sits under the stars
Eternal Love in the Cosmos: Unveiling A Unique Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposals 

Name a Star: A Shining Declaration of Love

What’s the perfect way to propose marriage to your partner?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make your marriage proposal unforgettable. What could be a more extraordinary way to express your eternal love than naming a star after your beloved? What a perfect prelude to popping the question! Your names can be recorded together forever, turning the night sky into a canvas for your eternal love story.

The Brighter Sparkle: A Star Outshining Diamond Rings

While diamond rings have long been a symbol of commitment, a star outshines even the most precious gem. Imagine the surprise on your partner’s face when they realize they have their own star in the night sky. With International Star Registry, the star you name will be included in the only permanent, published catalog of named stars in the world. 

Buy a Star Package: Crafting a Unique Engagement Gift

Our Buy a Star Package is designed to elevate your marriage proposal to new heights. Your star package will include a personalized star certificate on elegant parchment paper. It will also include a star map with the coordinates, and the star you name will be recorded forever. You can also opt for custom framing, hand lettered calligraphy, and stunning engraved jewelry items. It’s a unique engagement gift that will forever hold a special place in your hearts.

Star Valentines Gift: A Romantic Surprise Written in the Stars

Picture the moment your partner unwraps their Valentine’s Day gift to find that their name is written forever upon a star. The unexpected and romantic surprise of naming a star after them is a gesture that transcends ordinary gifts. It’s a symbol of love that will continue to sparkle in their eyes. You can make your package even more personal with one of the special name-a-star options exclusively available through International Star Registry.

A Symbol of Eternal Love: Your Star, Your Forever

A star is more than just a luminous point in the sky; it’s a symbol of eternal love. Choose any constellation you wish. As your special star shines overhead, it becomes a constant reminder of the enduring bond you will always share. Unlike earthly gifts, this celestial symbol will light up your lives for the entirety of your journey together.

Your Gift Can Grow With Your Lives Together

When you name a star with International Star Registry it is recorded forever. As your family grows and changes, you can choose to add additional stars named for yourself or other family members to your star group. Your parents, siblings, friends or children can have stars charted together. Up to 8 stars can be grouped together.

A Starry Promise: Witnessing Your Love in the Cosmos

When you name a star with International Star Registry, you’re making a promise that transcends time and space. Your love story is now written among the stars, and as you gaze into the night sky, you’ll be reminded of the unique and extraordinary commitment you’ve made to one another.

Make Your Special Day Sparkle!

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond traditional proposals and give the gift of a star—something that’s as unique and boundless as your love. With International Star Registry, you’re not just buying a star certificate; you’re crafting a timeless symbol of eternal love that will shine brightly in the cosmic tapestry of your life together.

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