The History of Star Naming - International Star Registry

January 1, 2018

International Star Registry

Paul Sorvino

For thousands of years, mankind has been mapping and recording celestial objects. The earliest astronomers, storytellers, and mystics often chose to name a star based on ancient mythology. From those early times to the creation of modern scientific catalogs, there have been dozens of listings of the stars created.

In 1979, we made the heavens available to anyone wishing to buy a star kit to name a numbered star. The star names and telescopic coordinates are permanently recorded in our copyrighted catalog of star names. The stars are recorded in this way so future generations can locate these star names with their telescopic coordinates.

When you buy a star package to honor a loved one, your gift package will include our famous certificate with the star name and telescopic coordinates printed in calligraphy. You will also receive a sky chart with the star’s location indicated and circled.

We have named stars for royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, and individuals around the world. Some of our callers wish to name a star as a lasting memorial for a loved one. Many buyers are celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, or welcoming a new family member. Whatever the occasion, there is no greater honor than attaching a name to a star.

For more than 40 years we have had the pleasure of helping people around the world name a star. International Star Registry records each of the named stars and their locations in book form. Your Place in the Cosmos is a permanent record of each named star. It is a large, hard-cover compendium and each volume of the book contains a new set of stars.

10 volumes of our star catalog have been registered in the Copyright Office of the United States. The coordinates are derived from the NASA Hubble Guide Star Catalog and each star is named only once.

We believe the stars overhead do not belong solely to the scientific community, but to everyone. For scientific use, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the only body that designates the names and classification of celestial objects. The IAU names objects infrequently and does not recognize the names given to stars by many non-western cultures.

Impostors: There are several companies copying our trademarks or using variations of our name, but they are not International Star Registry. The stars they claim to name are not recorded with us.

None of these impostors have published a catalog recording the names of stars. Many of these firms have taken payments and closed, leaving no records. The number of "bright" stars these firms claim to name exceeds the actual number of visible stars in the sky.

International Star Registry produces the only permanently published and copyrighted listing of named stars in the world. We are headquartered in the USA and are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Each volume of the book is registered with the United States copyright office.

Library of Congress Number and ISBN information for every volume of your Place in the Cosmos.

Library of Congress Catalog number. 84-63015

  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume I. Total Pages 530; ISBN-13: 9780961435400 (1985)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume II. Total Pages 508; ISBN-13: 9780961435417 (1992)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume III. Total Pages 388; ISBN-13: 9780961435424(1992)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume IV. Total Pages 502; ISBN-13: 9780961435431 (1996)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume V. Total Pages 680; ISBN-13: 9780961435448 (1999)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume VI. Total Pages 717; ISBN-13: 9780961435455 (2002)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume VII. Total Pages 773; ISBN-13: 9780961435462(2004)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume VIII. Total Pages 652; ISBN-13:9780961435479(2007)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume IX. Total Pages 943; ISBN-13: 9780961435486 (2013)
  • Your Place in the cosmos, Volume X. Total Pages 738; ISBN-13: 9780961435493 (2017)
  • Q. Can I purchase the book Your Place in the Cosmos?

  • A. The book is made available for purchase every 4-5 years.
  • Q. How long does it take to name a star?

  • A. Naming a star only takes a few minutes through this website, or call 800-282-3333
  • Q. Can I choose a star located in the same constellation as a friend or family member?

  • A. Yes, simply let us know the constellation you want and we will include it at no extra cost.