Rebecca St. James: A Shining Star in Christian Music and one named in Corona Borealis

Updated: January 10,2024  Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Rebecca Saint James Star Date January 11, 2002 Coordinates Corona Borealis RA 16h 10m 2.67s D 36° 2' 57.38"

On January 11, 2002, a star named Rebecca Saint James was recorded through International Star Registry. Nestled within the Corona Borealis constellation at coordinates RA 16h 10m 2.67s D 36° 2′ 57.38″, this celestial tribute marked a unique acknowledgment of the remarkable talents and achievements of Rebecca Jean Fink, professionally known as Rebecca St. James. You can explore more about her life and career on her Wikipedia page.

Early Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Rebecca St. James, born on July 26, 1977, in Australia, embarked on her musical journey in the late 1980s. At the tender age of 14, she released her first full-length studio album in 1991, foreshadowing the exceptional career that lay ahead. Her breakthrough moment came when she signed with ForeFront Records in 1993, catapulting her into the mainstream with her major label debut a year later.

Chart-Topping Albums and Impactful Singles

St. James rose to fame in the late 1990s, achieving RIAA certified Gold status for albums like “God” and “Pray.” In 1999, her album “Pray” clinched the Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album. She continued to make waves in the music industry with hits such as “God,” “Go and Sin No More,” and “Pray.” Her holiday album, “Christmas,” also added to her growing list of accomplishments.

An Icon in Contemporary Christian Music

Rebecca St. James solidified her status as a prominent figure in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). Her musical journey expanded with five more full-length studio albums: “Transform,” “Worship God,” “If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something,” “I Will Praise You,” and “Kingdom Come.” These albums spawned staple songs like “Wait for Me,” “Reborn,” “Song of Love,” “Alive,” “Shine Your Glory Down,” and “Battle Is the Lord’s.” Her talent earned her nine No. 1 hits on Christian radio and nearly two million albums sold throughout her career.

Multifaceted Talents

Beyond music, Rebecca St. James is a versatile artist, author, and actress. She has authored over a dozen published books and lent her voice to a documentary. Her acting career encompasses nine films, including lead roles in “Sarah’s Choice” and “A Strange Brand of Happy,” as well as appearances in a musical stage show and a VeggieTales episode titled “An Easter Carol.”

Advocacy and Family Ties

Rebecca St. James is known for her outspoken advocacy of sexual abstinence and Pro-Life causes. She also serves as a spokesperson for Compassion International, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Additionally, she is the sister of Joel and Luke Smallbone, renowned musicians who make up the band For King & Country. In her personal life, she is married to Jacob “Cubbie” Fink, the former bassist of Foster the People.

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In conclusion, Rebecca St. James has illuminated the world of Christian music with her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication. Her star, forever shining in the constellation Corona Borealis, is a testament to her enduring legacy. Consider naming a star to celebrate your own special moments or to honor a loved one. Visit to learn more about this unique and celestial gift.


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