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Paul Gardner Allen, the renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary, passed away on October 15, 2018, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the annals of technology and human progress. Born on January 21, 1953, in Seattle, Washington, Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft alongside his childhood friend, Bill Gates, forever changing the landscape of the computing industry. He even has a star named after him in the Ophiuchus constellation from International Star Registry.


During his remarkable life, Paul Gardner Allen made extraordinary contributions to technology, science, sports, and the arts. His passion for exploration led him to co-found Vulcan Inc., a company dedicated to advancing science, technology, and conservation. Through Vulcan, Paul invested in groundbreaking initiatives, including the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and the Allen Institute for Cell Science, all aimed at pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. 


Beyond the world of technology, Paul Gardner Allen’s interests were far-reaching. He was an avid sports enthusiast and owner of the Seattle Seahawks football team and the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team. His love for music led him to establish the Experience Music Project, a museum in Seattle that celebrates the history and evolution of popular music. 


Paul Gardner Allen’s commitment to philanthropy extended beyond his personal endeavors. Through the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, he supported numerous charitable causes, from education and healthcare to wildlife conservation and the arts. His unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the world inspired countless individuals and organizations to follow in his footsteps. 


On this journey of exploration and discovery, Paul Gardner Allen’s spirit reached for the stars. In his honor, a star in the constellation Ophiuchus was recorded with the International Star Registry. Located at RA 16h 57m 11.00s and D-23° 54′ 0.00″, this celestial tribute symbolizes his endless curiosity and fascination with the universe. Ophiuchus, also known as the Serpent Bearer, is one of the thirteen constellations of the zodiac, encompassing a rich history in both astronomy and astrology. Other famous people with stars named in the same constellation include: Melanie B, Connie Britton, and Kelly Reilly.

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Paul Gardner Allen’s passion for exploration, innovation, and philanthropy will continue to inspire generations, reminding us to dream big and make a positive impact on the world around us. 



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