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This constellation’s name translates to “the net”, the Reticulum Rhomboidalis. It lies north of Hydrus in the southern circumpolar region of the sky. Lacaille named this constellation to commemorate the reticle, used the measure star positions. A reticle is a network of fine lines, or crosshairs, placed in the focus of a telescope to assist in observations. 

The constellation Reticulum is a small, faint constellation located in the southern sky. It was named by French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the 18th century and is often represented as a reticle, a grid used for measuring distances in astronomical images. Reticulum is known for its lack of bright stars and is not often recognized by the average observer. However, for those who are passionate about astronomy and the stars, it can hold a special place in their hearts. 

One unique and meaningful gift idea for someone who is celebrating their 100th birthday and has an interest in astronomy is to name a star after them through the International Star Registry. This organization allows individuals to name a real star and receive a certificate, star chart, and detailed information about the star they have named. The named star will not be officially recognized by astronomers, but it can serve as a special and sentimental token for the recipient. When choosing a star to name, consider the constellation Reticulum when naming a star for a friend living in or visiting the southern hemisphere. It’s a great choice for astronomers! The recipient of the gift will not only have a named star, but they will also have a deeper connection to the constellation Reticulum and its place in the night sky. Click here for more information.


Symbol: Ret  

Right Ascension: 04:01  

Declination: -62  

Diameter (°): 

Area (square °): 114  

Opposition: Nov 24  

Size Rank: 82nd  

Brightness Rank: 70th  

Genitive: Reticuli 

Major Stars in Reticulum 

α Reticuli (Alpha Reticuli) 

β Reticuli (Beta Reticuli) 

ε Reticuli (Epsilon Reticuli) 

γ Reticuli (Gamma Reticuli) 

δ Reticuli (Delta Reticuli) 

κ Reticuli (Kappa Reticuli) 

ι Reticuli (Iota Reticuli) 

ζ Reticuli (Zeta Reticuli) 

η Reticuli (Eta Reticuli) 

θ Reticuli (Theta Reticuli) 

R Reticuli (S Reticuli) 

HD 23079 

HD 25171 

HD 23127 

HD 27894 


Deep sky objects in Reticulum 

NGC 1559 

Topsy Turvy Galaxy – NGC 1313

In conclusion, naming a star as a 100th birthday gift through the International Star Registry is a unique and thoughtful idea for someone who has a passion for astronomy. Consider the constellation Reticulum and its notable stars as a perfect way to honor a special milestone and celebrate the beauty of the night sky. 


Q. What is Reticulum?

A. Reticulum is one of the smallest constellations in the sky, 82nd in size, occupying an area of 114 square degrees. 

Q. What star is brightest in the constellation Reticulum? 

A. The brightest star in the constellation is Alpha Reticuli, with an apparent magnitude of 3.33. 

Q. What is an interesting fact about Reticulum? 

A. In modern culture, it has been used as a marker star for measuring distances between fixed points as a navigational tool.  

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