Name a Star and Watch the North Taurids Meteor Shower

A meteor streaks through a blue sky over Norway

Get ready for a show!

The night sky is gearing up to put on a celestial spectacle that you won’t want to miss. If the weather holds up, the dark skies on November 11-12 should make watching the North Taurids meteor shower a treat to enjoy with the whole family. While stargazing is always an awe-inspiring experience, there’s a way to make it even more special – by naming a star through

The North Taurids meteor shower, peaking on November 11-12, is an event that amateur astronomers and sky watchers eagerly anticipate. This cosmic event is a natural wonder that brings excitement to the hearts of both young and old. Like its southern counterpart, the South Taurids, this meteor shower is caused by the debris from comet 2P/Encke as it passes through our solar system. This celestial debris, consisting of ice and dust, ignites in our atmosphere, creating a dazzling display of shooting stars.

While the North Taurids may not be known for producing an abundance of meteors, they are famous for another reason – they often produce some of the largest and most breathtaking fireballs. These fiery meteors streak across the night sky, leaving a trail of wonder in their wake. Witnessing a fireball is an awe-inspiring moment that can leave you and your kids in awe of the universe’s beauty and unpredictability.

This is a great chance to introduce children to the wonders of astronomy. Encourage young astronomers in the making to step outside and look up at the night sky. The North Taurids meteor shower presents an excellent opportunity to share the joy of stargazing with the next generation. Although it has a relatively modest meteor count, the potential for stunning fireball displays make it an ideal meteor shower to captivate the imagination of children and instill a lifelong love for the cosmos.

For those who are eager to make the most of this celestial event, here’s how to buy a star through When you purchase a star package, you are not only getting a unique and personalized gift but also giving someone a special connection to the cosmos. offers star-naming packages that allow you to symbolically name a star in honor of someone special. It’s a meaningful and enduring gift that will shine in the night sky for years to come.

Additionally, because this year’s North Taurids meteor shower coincides with a waning crescent moon, the darker sky will lend itself to better viewing. The absence of strong moonlight will enhance your meteor-watching experience, allowing you to see more meteors and fireballs streaking across the heavens. This is the perfect time to gather your loved ones, including the little stargazers, and head outdoors to witness the magic of the North Taurids meteor shower.

In conclusion, the North Taurids meteor shower is a celestial event worth marking on your calendar. It’s an opportunity to connect with the cosmos and create lasting memories with your family. While you’re at it, why not make the night even more special by naming a star through Your named star will be a timeless tribute to your loved ones, shining brightly in the night sky, just like the North Taurids’ fireballs. So, gear up, and get ready for a night of wonder under the stars!

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