Honoring William “Refrigerator” Perry: A Tribute on his Birthday

On December 16, 2023, we commemorate what would have been the 61st birthday of the legendary American football player, William “Refrigerator” Perry. While many remember him for his incredible career on the gridiron, there’s a unique and heartwarming story that adds a celestial touch to his legacy. In 1986, someone named a star after him through  International Star Registry, placing it in the Ursa Major constellation. Join us as we celebrate Perry’s remarkable career and explore the significance of this extraordinary 61st birthday gift idea, reminding us that the stars themselves can be touching memorial gifts.

William “Refrigerator” Perry: A Football Icon

Before discussing the celestial connection, let’s revisit the career of William “Refrigerator” Perry. Born on December 16, 1962, in Aiken, South Carolina, Perry quickly made a name for himself in the world of American football. Standing at a formidable 6 feet 2 inches and weighing over 300 pounds, he was an imposing figure on the field.

Perry’s journey to fame began at Clemson University, where he played as a defensive lineman. He helped lead the Clemson Tigers to a national championship in 1981 and gained recognition for his exceptional strength and agility, despite his imposing size. His college success propelled him to the NFL.

In 1985, Perry joined the Chicago Bears, becoming a key player in their defense. His versatility was evident when he was occasionally used as a running back, which led to his memorable touchdown run during Super Bowl XX. Perry’s contribution to the Bears’ Super Bowl victory and his larger-than-life personality endeared him to fans across the nation.

Perry’s career continued with various NFL teams, and he left an indelible mark on the sport, earning numerous accolades and a place in the hearts of football enthusiasts. Tragically, he passed away on February 23, 2022, but his legacy lives on through his unforgettable moments on the football field.

Naming a Star in Ursa Major

In 1986, an admirer of William “Refrigerator” Perry decided to pay tribute to the football icon in a truly unique way. They purchased a star through International Star Registry and named it after Perry. This celestial gift was a symbolic gesture of appreciation for Perry’s contributions to the world of sports and his enduring impact on fans.

The star was placed in the Ursa Major constellation, which is commonly known as the “Great Bear.” Ursa Major is one of the most recognizable and prominent constellations in the night sky, featuring the famous Big Dipper asterism. It holds a special place in human history and mythology, with various cultures associating it with bears or other animals.

Ursa Major’s prominence in the Northern Hemisphere makes it a favorite among stargazers and amateur astronomers. Its seven bright stars in the shape of a dipper have inspired countless stories and legends throughout history. For millennia, people have found guidance and inspiration by gazing at the stars of Ursa Major.

61st Birthday Gift Idea: Purchase a Star

The act of naming a star exemplifies a creative and meaningful way to celebrate a beloved individual’s life and achievements. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, naming a star is a heartfelt gesture that connects the celestial world with the personal world.

Purchasing a star as a gift allows you to commemorate someone you admire or cherish, creating a lasting memory that transcends time and space. The star’s name and its celestial coordinates are recorded in International Star Registry, ensuring that your tribute is officially recognized and preserved for generations to come.

Moreover, it’s a gift that encourages stargazing, sparking curiosity and wonder about the universe. Recipients can look up at the night sky, find their named star, and feel a profound connection to the cosmos. It’s a reminder that the beauty and vastness of the universe can be a source of comfort and inspiration.

Memorial Gifts that Shine Bright

Memorial gifts hold a special place in our hearts, serving as reminders of our loved ones who have left us. The act of naming a star in someone’s memory, like the star named after William “Refrigerator” Perry, offers a unique and comforting way to honor their legacy.

When we look up at the night sky and see the stars, we are reminded of the vastness of the universe and the enduring nature of our connection with those we have lost. It’s a comforting thought that our loved ones, like the stars, continue to shine brightly in our lives, even when they are no longer with us in the physical realm.


As we celebrate what would have been the 61st birthday of the legendary William “Refrigerator” Perry, we are reminded of the incredible impact he had on the world of American football and the hearts of fans everywhere. The story of a star named after him in the Ursa Major constellation through the International Star Registry demonstrates the power of unique and thoughtful gifts.

Naming a star not only allows us to honor our heroes and loved ones but also connects us to the majesty of the night sky and the wonder of the universe. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate life, create lasting memories, and find solace in the knowledge that our connections with those we hold dear can transcend time and space. So, if you’re looking for a 61st birthday gift idea or a meaningful memorial gift, consider purchasing a star and letting it shine as a tribute to someone special in your life.

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