Celebrating Howard Stern’s 70th Birthday: A Look at the Career of the Legendary Radio Host

Star Name Howard Stern Star Date November 08, 1980 Coordinates Draco RA 14h 12m 0.00s D 63° 12' 0.00"

On January 12, 2024, the world will celebrate the 70th birthday of one of the most iconic and controversial radio hosts of all time, Howard Stern. Throughout his illustrious career, Stern has pushed boundaries, challenged conventions, and entertained millions of listeners worldwide. To commemorate this milestone, we discuss the life and career of Howard Stern, a man who already has a star named after him in the Draco constellation, thanks to International Star Registry (ISR).

Howard Stern: A Radio Icon

Howard Stern was born on January 12, 1954, in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City. His journey to becoming a radio legend began in the 1970s when he started working in radio after graduating from Boston University. Stern’s unique blend of humor, wit, and no-holds-barred style quickly garnered attention, leading to his rise in the radio industry.

By the early 1980s, Stern had become a household name in the world of radio. His controversial and provocative style pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable on the airwaves. Known for his candid interviews and irreverent humor, Stern’s show, “The Howard Stern Show,” became a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of devoted fans.

A Star in the Draco Constellation

In 1980, Howard Stern received a truly unique and celestial gift from International Star Registry. A star in the Draco constellation was officially named after him, immortalizing his influence not just in the world of radio but in the cosmos as well. ISR, founded in 1979, is a company that allows individuals to symbolically name stars after their loved ones, celebrities, or even themselves. This gesture not only marked a significant moment in Stern’s career but also highlighted the boundless reach of his influence.

The Draco Constellation

The star named after Howard Stern resides in the Draco constellation, one of the 88 modern constellations recognized by astronomers today. Draco, meaning “dragon” in Latin, is a serpentine constellation that winds its way through the northern sky. It is home to a variety of interesting celestial objects, including several binary stars and deep-sky objects like galaxies and star clusters. The naming of a star in this constellation added an extra layer of mystique to Stern’s already enigmatic persona.

How to Name a Star

Here’s how you can name a star:

  1. Visit International Star Registry’s official website.
  2. Choose a star package that suits your preferences and budget.
  3. Provide the desired name for your star, along with a personal message if desired.
  4. Complete the purchase process and receive a star certificate and star map showing the exact location of your named star in the sky.

Purchasing a star through ISR is not only a thoughtful and memorable gift but also a way to leave a lasting mark on the night sky.


Howard Stern’s 70th birthday is a momentous occasion in the world of entertainment. As we celebrate the career of this radio icon, we can’t help but reflect on the lasting impression he has made on the industry and the millions of listeners who have tuned in over the years. 

If you’re looking for a meaningful and unique way to honor someone on his or her 70th birthday, consider purchasing a star through International Star Registry. It’s a celestial gift that will forever shine in the night sky, just like the indelible mark Stern has left on the world of radio. Happy 70th birthday, Howard Stern! Your star continues to burn brightly in the hearts of your fans and in the cosmos above.

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