Paul Sorvino will Always Shine Among the Stars

Paul Sorvino holding a sky map from International Star Registry

Who wouldn’t have loved to spend time with the brilliant best-selling author and actor from Brooklyn, Paul Sorvino?

We were awestruck to meet him in 2018 at an Oscar‘s event in Los Angeles. Mr. Sorvino and his wife Dee Dee Sorvino took time to speak with our staff and was kind enough to pose for this great photo. Paul and Dee Dee are pictured here with the owner of International Star Registry holding a My Sky Moment Star Map. (another product of International Star Registry).

The memory of an illustrious personality like Paul Sorvino often lingers in the hearts of many who admired his multifaceted talent. Meeting Paul and Dee Dee is a memory we will cherish forever.  Join us as we pay homage to his remarkable legacy and celebrate his enduring brilliance.

Paul Sorvino’s Versatility:

Paul Sorvino’s presence on screen was a testament to his diverse acting prowess. He captivated audiences with his portrayal of tough characters. Mr. Sorvino will always be associated with many of the tough characters he played in movies like Goodfellas or in the series Law & Order, but that was just one facet of his wide-ranging talent. He was a versatile actor who played warm father figures, comedic roles, like that of an Evangelical preacher in Oh, God! and his memorable dramatic portrayal of Henry Kissinger in Oliver Stone’s Nixon. Yet, even beyond these roles, Sorvino’s talent extended far and wide. He seamlessly transitioned between warm fatherly roles, comedic characters, and even dramatic portrayals, showcasing his unparalleled versatility as an actor.

Exploring His Other Passions:

However, acting was just one facet of Sorvino’s extraordinary life. His journey included diverse pursuits— from being a trained opera singer, having dedicated 18 years to perfecting his craft at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, to showcasing his skills as an accomplished gourmet, painter, sculptor, and entrepreneur. His artistic endeavors left an indelible mark, with his works exhibited widely and his art pieces fetching significant admiration and value.

Honoring His Memory with a Star:

In 2022, when Sorvino bid farewell to this world, we were honored to be entrusted with a special request: to name a star in his honor. Thus, the star “Paul Anthony Sorvino” was designated, casting its luminance from the constellation Cepheus, the King. It stands as a celestial tribute, a reminder of his everlasting brilliance that continues to shine brightly in the night sky.

The Eternal Glow of Sorvino’s Legacy:

Although Sorvino’s physical presence may have departed, the legacy he left behind continues to radiate. His contributions to the world of entertainment and the love he bestowed upon his three children are enduring testaments to his character and spirit. While his light on Earth may have dimmed, the celestial glow of his named star serves as a timeless emblem of his enduring legacy.

Gift a Star in Memory of Someone:

At, we understand the significance of commemorating loved ones with a timeless gesture. Naming a star in memory of someone holds a special place in our hearts. It’s an everlasting tribute, a shining beacon in the cosmos, symbolizing the enduring impact and love shared with those who are dearly missed.

Paul Sorvino’s life serves as an inspiration—a testament to the vastness of human potential and the enduring legacy one can leave behind. Through our unique offerings, such as naming a star after a loved one or honoring cherished memories, we aim to encapsulate the brilliance and significance of life’s fleeting moments in the timeless expanse of the night sky.

Whether it’s to commemorate a beloved individual, express affection for someone special, or simply celebrate the beauty of the cosmos, International Star Registry offers a heartfelt way to etch memories into the celestial canvas, ensuring that their radiance continues to illuminate the heavens for eternity.

Mr. Sorvino’s brilliance shines on through his body of work and the three children he loved. Although his light on Earth was dimmed too soon, the light from his star continues to shine overhead.

Paul Anthony Sorvino
July 25, 2022
Cepheus RA 23h 57m 26.06s D 82° 20′ 30.76″

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