Alice Cooper: 76 and Still Rockin’

Star Name Alice Cooper 1 Star Date December 25, 2008 Coordinates Ursa Major RA 9h 35m 37.96s D 52° 52' 29.22"

Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4, 1948, is a renowned American rock singer and songwriter, famously known as “The Godfather of Shock Rock“. His career, spanning almost six decades, began in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1964. Cooper’s unique style blends horror films, vaudeville, and garage rock, creating a macabre and theatrical form of rock designed to shock.

He rose to fame with his band, Alice Cooper, which formed during his high school years. The band gained significant attention with their third studio album, “Love It to Death“, and its hit single “I’m Eighteen”. Cooper’s stage show, featuring props like guillotines, electric chairs, and fake blood, revolutionized rock performance. After the band broke up in 1975, Cooper continued as a solo artist, maintaining his distinctive style and success.

Apart from music, Cooper is also known for his work as a film actor, golfer, restaurateur, and radio DJ with his classic rock show “Nights with Alice Cooper”. His influence on heavy metal and his unique blend of theatricality and music have cemented his status as a legendary figure in rock history.

In celebration of his 76th birthday on February 4, 2024, we reminisce about his remarkable career and his unique connection to the stars. Alice Cooper has a star named after him in the Ursa Major constellation, a thoughtful Christmas gift he received in 2008. This celestial honor reflects his stellar contribution to music and culture.

For those inspired by Cooper’s star-studded accolade, naming a star through International Star Registry is a unique and lasting way to honor someone special. The Ursa Major constellation, one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the night sky, offers a stellar backdrop for such a tribute. Known for its bright stars and notable celestial features, Ursa Major is a fitting choice for a 76th birthday gift idea, offering a timeless connection to the cosmos.

To learn more about how you can name a star for someone, visit This gesture is not only a unique way to celebrate a milestone birthday but also creates a lasting legacy among the stars, much like the iconic Alice Cooper’s celestial namesake in Ursa Major.

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