Malcolm Young: A Star in Music History and the Cosmos

Updated: December 13, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Malcom Young Star Date March 13, 1994 Coordinates Ursa Major RA 8h 17m 11.00s D 70° 49' 0.00"

Did you know that there is a star in the vast expanse of the universe named after the legendary musician Malcolm Young? This personalized gift was bestowed upon him through International Star Registry, and it serves as a testament to the impact he made on the world. On March 13, 1994, in the constellation Ursa Major, a star was officially named “Malcolm Young” with coordinates Ursa Major RA 8h 17m 11.00s D 70° 49′ 0.00″. If you want to learn more about this remarkable musician and this unique star, continue reading below or visit Malcolm Young’s Wikipedia page.

Malcolm Young’s Life and Career

Malcolm Mitchell Young, born on January 6, 1953, in Australia, was a renowned musician known for co-founding the iconic hard rock band AC/DC. He played a crucial role as the band’s rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist, and songwriter. Alongside his brother Angus, Malcolm formed AC/DC in 1973, and together, they became one of the most influential rock acts in history.

Malcolm’s contributions to AC/DC extended beyond his musical talents. He was often considered the driving force and leader of the band, despite the more visible presence of his younger brother, Angus. Their partnership resulted in numerous chart-topping albums and timeless hits that continue to resonate with fans worldwide.

In recognition of their monumental impact on rock music, AC/DC, with Malcolm at the helm, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. Additionally, Rolling Stone magazine honored Malcolm Young as the 38th best guitarist of all time, a testament to his exceptional skills and enduring influence in the world of music.

Malcolm Young’s Retirement and Legacy

In 2014, due to health reasons, Malcolm Young made the difficult decision to retire from AC/DC. His departure marked the end of an era, but he remained committed to the band’s future, offering his blessing for them to continue creating music.

Unfortunately, Malcolm’s health took a tragic turn as he battled dementia. In September 2014, AC/DC’s management announced his permanent retirement from the band. Malcolm Young passed away on November 18, 2017, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable music and a profound impact on rock and roll history.

A Unique and Meaningful Gift

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In the night sky, Malcolm Young’s star resides in the constellation Ursa Major. Ursa Major is one of the most well-known and recognizable constellations, often referred to as the “Great Bear.” It is visible in the northern hemisphere and contains several bright stars that have been used as navigational markers for centuries.


Malcolm Young’s life and career in music are immortalized not only in the annals of rock history but also in the celestial sphere, where a star bears his name as a personalized gift. International Star Registry offers a meaningful way to celebrate special moments and individuals, making it a perfect choice for gift-giving occasions. To explore the possibilities and buy a star package, visit In the memory of Malcolm Young, his star continues to shine brightly, just like his enduring legacy in the world of rock and roll.


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