Roger Moore and his Star Named in the Hercules constellation

Updated: January 10, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Roger Moore Star Date December 25, 2004 Coordinates Hercules RA 16h 45m 12.38s D 43° 0' 33.02"

Sir Roger George Moore, KBE, was not only a legendary English actor but also a celestial luminary in his own right. His remarkable life and career left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment, making him a star both on and beyond the silver screen. It’s no surprise that in honor of his extraordinary talent, someone named a star for Roger Moore’s gift through International Star Registry (ISR). This cosmic tribute, known as the “Roger Moore Star,” was recorded on December 25, 2004, and is located in the Hercules constellation at coordinates RA 16h 45m 12.38s D 43° 0′ 33.02″. [^6^]

For a comprehensive overview of Roger Moore’s life and achievements, you can visit his Wikipedia page [^6^]. In this biography, we’ll delve into his stellar career, the constellation that houses his star, and how International Star Registry offers a unique way to commemorate special occasions.

A Hollywood Icon’s Journey

Roger Moore, born on October 14, 1927, was a distinguished English actor known for his versatile talents. He made history by becoming the third actor to portray the iconic secret agent James Bond in the Eon Productions/MGM Studios film series. Moore’s portrayal of Bond spanned seven films, from “Live and Let Die” to “A View to a Kill,” making him the actor with the most appearances as 007 in the Eon-produced entries.

Beyond Bond, Moore’s acting prowess shone brightly on television. He starred as Simon Templar in the British mystery thriller series “The Saint” from 1962 to 1969. His charisma and charm endeared him to audiences worldwide, establishing him as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Moore also had notable roles in American series like “Maverick” and “The Persuaders!” 

Even after his retirement from the Bond franchise, Moore continued to grace the screen, showcasing his enduring talent. His final appearance was in a pilot for a new “Saint” series that ultimately became a 2017 television film, reminding everyone of his timeless appeal and enduring legacy.

The Hercules Constellation

The star named in honor of Roger Moore, “Roger Moore Star,” finds its celestial home in the Hercules constellation. Hercules is one of the 88 recognized constellations in the night sky, representing the legendary hero from Greek mythology. It is visible in both the northern and southern hemispheres and is known for its distinctive shape, resembling a mighty warrior holding a club and a lion’s skin [^6^].

International Star Registry: A Unique Gift

ISR offers a truly special way to commemorate life’s significant moments. Whether it’s a birthday, Easter celebration, corporate event, or the birth of a baby, naming a star is a gift that shines brightly. It’s a heartfelt gesture that allows you to record a star name, creating a lasting memory that will twinkle in the night sky for generations to come. For example, if you’re searching for unique 40th birthday gift ideas, consider the gift of a star.

To buy a star package or learn more about the buy a star cost, visit ISR’s official website. There, you can explore various options and find the perfect package to suit your needs. Whether it’s naming a star, celebrating a special occasion, or simply gazing at the night sky in wonder, International Star Registry offers an experience like no other.

In conclusion, Roger Moore’s legacy as a distinguished actor and humanitarian continues to shine brightly, both on the silver screen and in the night sky. His star in the Hercules constellation serves as a celestial testament to his enduring influence and the lasting impact he had on the world. International Star Registry provides a unique opportunity to honor loved ones and create lasting memories through the simple act of naming a star.


[6] Wikipedia: Roger Moore

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