Micky Dolenz: A Star in the Pisces Constellation

Updated: December 15, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Micky Dolenz Star Date December 25, 1984 Coordinates Pisces RA 1h 39m 41.00s D 04° 9' 0.00"

In a heartwarming gesture of admiration, a star was named in honor of Micky Dolenz, a multifaceted American actor, musician, TV producer, and businessman. This celestial tribute, recorded through International Star Registry, bears the name “Micky Dolenz” and was commemorated on December 25, 1984. Nestled in the Pisces constellation with coordinates Pisces RA 1h 39m 41.00s D 04° 9′ 0.00″, this personalized gift symbolizes the timeless impact of Micky Dolenz’s life and career.

For detailed information about Micky Dolenz’s life and contributions, you can explore his Wikipedia page here.

A Glimpse into Astronomy and Pisces Constellation

Astronomy, the study of celestial objects and phenomena beyond our Earthly realm, has always fascinated humanity. One captivating aspect of astronomy is the ability to commemorate special moments and individuals through star naming. The star named “Micky Dolenz” is located within the Pisces constellation, which has captured the imaginations of stargazers for centuries. Pisces, represented by two fish tied together, is one of the twelve zodiac constellations, making it a significant part of astrological lore. The addition of Micky Dolenz’s name to this constellation underscores the enduring fascination with stars and the cosmos.

A Unique Gift for All Occasions

International Star Registry offers a truly unique and personalized gift experience. Instead of merely buying a star package, you have the opportunity to record a star name in someone’s honor, forever linking their name to a star in the night sky. This heartfelt gesture is a meaningful way to celebrate special occasions like Easter, mark significant corporate events, or welcome a new baby into the world.

Micky Dolenz’s Remarkable Career and Achievements

Micky Dolenz, born on March 8, 1945, in Los Angeles, California, has enjoyed a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. His journey began as the drummer and one of the primary vocalists for the iconic pop-rock band, the Monkees, from 1966 to 1970. This band’s success was legendary, with chart-topping hits and a devoted fan base. Dolenz’s vocal prowess and charisma contributed significantly to the Monkees’ enduring appeal.

Beyond his music career, Micky Dolenz ventured into television, co-starring in the beloved TV series, “The Monkees,” from 1966 to 1968. The show not only showcased his acting talents but also solidified his status as a pop culture icon. Dolenz’s involvement in the Monkees extended through multiple reunions, with the band captivating audiences well into the 21st century.

Micky Dolenz’s 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

As Micky Dolenz celebrates his 80th birthday, there’s no better time to consider the timeless gift of naming a star. International Star Registry allows you to buy a star in someone’s name, offering a unique and enduring way to honor a loved one. Imagine the joy of presenting Micky Dolenz with a star bearing his name in the night sky as a heartfelt 80th birthday gift.

In conclusion, Micky Dolenz’s star shines brightly not only in the entertainment world but also in the cosmos. Through ISR, you can record a star name to create a personalized and enduring gift that transcends the ordinary. Whether it’s Easter, a corporate event, the birth of a new baby, or a milestone birthday like his 80th, naming a star is a remarkable way to celebrate life’s special moments.


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