Peter Tork (February 13, 1942 - February 21, 2019) Has a Star Named

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Peter Tork, beloved musician, singer, and member of the iconic band, the Monkees has a star named after him. Peter Tork, whose birth name was Peter Halsten Thorkelson, passed away on February 21, 2019, leaving behind a profound legacy in the world of music and entertainment.  Born on February 13, 1942, in Washington, D.C., Peter Tork’s journey in the music industry began at an early age. He displayed exceptional talent and a deep passion for music, which would eventually lead him to become one of the founding members of The Monkees. The band’s unique blend of pop, rock, and humor resonated with millions around the globe, making them a significant cultural phenomenon of the 1960s.  Throughout his career, Peter Tork’s contributions to The Monkees were immeasurable. His musical talents were showcased through his skills on the keyboard, bass guitar, and banjo, and his distinctive vocals added depth and charm to many of the band’s memorable songs. From the lively and infectious “Daydream Believer” to the introspective and heartfelt “Shades of Gray,” Tork’s versatility and musicality left an indelible mark on the band’s discography. 

While Peter Tork’s time with The Monkees brought him worldwide fame and success, he continued to pursue his passion for music even after the band’s disbandment. He embarked on a solo career, releasing several albums and captivating audiences with his unique blend of folk, rock, and blues. Tork’s musical journey spanned decades, and he remained a beloved figure among fans, both old and new.  As we mourn the loss of Peter Tork, we also celebrate his life and the joy he brought to countless hearts through his music. His magnetic personality, infectious smile, and undeniable talent will be forever remembered.  In honor of Peter Tork’s extraordinary life and his passion for music, a star has been recorded with International Star Registry. The star’s name is Peter Halsten Thorkelson, and its coordinates are in the constellation Lyra at RA 18h 53m 1.00s and D 39° 8′ 0.00″. Lyra, named after the musical instrument lyre, holds great significance as it represents the power of harmony and creativity in both astronomy and astrology. 


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