Larry King (November 19, 1933 - January 23, 2021) Has a Star Named

 Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Larry King, a broadcasting legend who captivated audiences around the world with his charismatic personality and insightful interviews. Larry King, born on November 19, 1933, left an indelible mark on the field of journalism during his remarkable career spanning over six decades. On January 23, 2021, Larry King departed from this world, leaving behind a rich legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come.  It’s worthy to note, Larry king has a star named after him in the Hydra constellation through international Star Registry.

Larry King’s contributions to the world of media are immeasurable. With his signature suspenders and gravelly voice, he hosted “Larry King Live,” a talk show on CNN, for an astounding 25 years. His unique interviewing style, marked by thought-provoking questions and genuine curiosity, earned him widespread respect and admiration. Over the years, Larry King had the privilege of engaging in insightful conversations with prominent figures from all walks of life, including world leaders, entertainers, and cultural icons.  Throughout his career, Larry King received numerous accolades and awards for his exceptional work in the field of broadcasting. He was the recipient of multiple Emmy Awards and was inducted into both the Radio Hall of Fame and the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Larry King’s impact extended beyond the realm of television as he also hosted a nationally syndicated radio show and authored several books. 


Following his passing, Larry King’s remains were laid to rest at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California. This serene and beautiful final resting place provides solace and tranquility to those who visit, paying their respects to a man who touched the lives of so many.  In his lifetime, Larry King was honored with a unique tribute.  International Star Registry recorded a star in his name, forever etching his legacy in the cosmos. The star, named “Larry King,” is in the constellation Hydra at the coordinates RA 9h 12m 28.00s and D-06° 49′ 0.00″. He joins others in the same constellation , including,  Don Adams, Jim Gibbons, Loretta Young,  and Ruth Gordon.

The constellation Hydra, associated with the mythological water serpent, is a fascinating celestial formation that has captivated astronomers and astrologers for centuries.  International Star Registry provides a remarkable opportunity to memorialize loved ones by naming a star in their honor. It serves as a beautiful tribute, capturing the essence of their spirit and perpetuating their memory in the vast expanse of the night sky. The act of naming a star offers a sense of comfort and connection, allowing those left behind to find solace in the heavens above. 


In the case of a loved one being cremated, naming a star in their honor becomes an especially fitting tribute. While traditional forms of remembrance hold their own significance, the idea of an everlasting celestial body bestows a sense of eternity and timelessness. Just as the stars continue to shine long after we are gone, your loved one’s spirit will endure, forever immortalized in the cosmic tapestry above.  International Star Registry offers various packages for individuals seeking to create a meaningful memorial or condolence gift. By purchasing a star package, you can honor the memory of a loved one and provide a unique and lasting tribute. This thoughtful gesture serves as a constant reminder of the special connection shared and allows the bereaved to find comfort in the enduring presence of their beloved. 


In conclusion, International Star Registry offers a truly unique and heartfelt memorial gift idea. By naming a star after a loved one, their memory can be immortalized in the heavens, bringing solace and a sense of connection to those left behind. As we bid farewell to Larry King, we remember the extraordinary legacy he left behind and how the act of recording a star name can serve as a beacon of hope and remembrance in times of grief. 




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