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Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Hydrus means the male water snake. It shares a border with the constellations Dorado, Eridanus, Horologium, Mensa, Octans, Phoenix, Reticulum and Tucana. Hydrus lies in the southern circumpolar region and is a beautiful place to buy a star package if you live in the southern hemisphere. Most of the northern hemisphere cannot see it at all.  

Despite its small size and relative faintness, Hydrus contains several interesting stars and deep-sky objects that are worth exploring.  One of the most notable stars is “Beta Hydri”, which is a yellow sub-giant star located approximately 25 light-years from Earth. Beta Hydri is the brightest star in the constellation with a 2.8 magnitude. It is the closest bright star to the celestial south pole. Another interesting star in Hydrus is “Alpha Hydri,” which is a yellow-white subgiant located approximately 72 light-years from Earth. Alpha Hydri is one of the brightest stars in the constellation and is easily visible from the southern hemisphere. 

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Symbol: Hys 

Right Ascension: 02:06 

Declination: -71 

Diameter (°): 15 

Area (square °): 243 

Opposition: Oct 27 

Size Rank: 61st 

Brightness Rank: 54th 

Genitive: Hydri  


Major or notable stars in Hydrus  

β Hydri (Beta Hydri) 

α Hydri (Alpha Hydri) 

γ Hydri (Gamma Hydri) 

δ Hydri (Delta Hydri) 

ε Hydri (Epsilon Hydri) 

η2 Hydri (Eta-2 Hydri) 

ν Hydri (Nu Hydri) 

ζ Hydri (Zeta Hydri) 

GJ 3021 (2 G. Hydri) 

HD 10180  


Deep Sky Objects in Hydrus  

IC 1717 

NGC 1511 

NGC 1466 

NGC 1473

In conclusion, Hydrus is a fascinating constellation that sits close to the celestial south pole. Despite its small size and relative faintness, Hydrus is well worth exploring for those interested in the wonders of the universe. And, for if you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift, when you name a star through International Star Registry, your gift will always shine. 


Q. What is the Hydrus constellation? 

The Hydrus constellation is home to four stars with known planets and 

Q. How big is Hydrus? 

Hydrus is the 61st largest constellation in the night sky and occupies an area of 243 square degrees. 

Q. Where is Beta Hydri located? 

The nearest star to Earth that is located in the constellation of Hydrus is Beta Hydri, about 24.33 light-years from the Earth. 

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