Name a Star for Dad on Father’s Day

September 15, 2022

International Star Registry

International Star Registry

He was probably your first, and most important, role model, and he is probably the hardest person to buy a gift for. It’s not easy to find a unique gift that dad won’t pick up for himself at the hardware store or purchase in the pro shop.

Imagine his surprise when you give him an amazing gift that will shine for eternity, name a star after him. What a memorable way to say, “I love you dad”.

No two dads are alike. Your father may have shown his love through his story telling, his hard work, or the time he spent with you. You may be buying a gift for your grandfather, your stepdad, or an uncle who treated you like one of his own. This year, let that person know that he's a star!

Naming a star is also a great gift for the father of your children. Imagine buying a star package and having him display it proudly on the wall. You can choose a framing option and even hand calligraphy.

You can also create a star group, naming up to 8 stars that will shine together forever. Surround his star with the stars named for his loved ones. Every star in the family group will be marked together on his chart.

A favorite Father's Day option when you buy a star package for your dad is to add a Photographic Sky Image to your Gift Pack. It makes a great conversation piece for any father to hang proudly on the wall.

Maybe you were Daddy’s Girl. Maybe your father showed his love by working hard to provide for you every day. Say "Thank You" to the guy who supported you and loved you as you found your way in this world. Name a star for him and it will shine forever.

How do you honor a man like that? When you surprise your father with the gift of a star in his name you are presenting him with a gift that says, “You are the shining star in my life.” Give a personalized gift this Father’s Day. Put dad’s name on a star and immortalize his legacy in the most unique way possible.

With the help of International Star Registry, you can honor your father, grandfather, favorite uncle, or anyone who deserves to be remembered on this day. Name a star and it will shine forever.

  • Q. Is it appropriate to name a Father's Day star for someone who is not my dad?

  • A. Sure, you can name a star for anyone who has been like a dad to you, like your grandpa, your favorite uncle, or a coach or mentor.
  • Q. Father's Day is coming up. How long does delivery take?

  • A. Packages are usually completed and shipped within 1 - 2 business days and Express Delivery is available. Please call our helpful customer service staff at 800-282-3333 if you need your package quickly.
  • Q. What will my dad Receive?

  • A. You Father will receive a 12" x 16" International Star Registry Certificate personalized with his name. He will also get a chart with his star's location indicated and circled, and a booklet about astronomy.
  • Q. Can my dad frame his certificate?

  • A. Yes, if your dad is handy, the certificate measures 12" x 16". If you choose to order one of our framed packages you will save him the trouble and all our items can be framed to match.
  • Q. Can I name a star for my father who is deceased?

  • A. There are few gifts as timeless and heartfelt as naming a star. Thousands of people have named stars in memory of loved ones on Father's Day.
  • Q. How long will my Father's Day gift last?

  • A. Forever. His star name and telescopic coordinates will be permanently recorded in Your Place in the Cosmos, the only Permanent published catalog of named star is the world.