Name a Star this Christmas as a Unique Holiday Gift

September 15, 2022

International Star Registry

International Star Registry

Make Christmas and Hanukkah sparkle this year, name a star after someone on your gift list. Every family has a beloved holiday tradition that makes the season bright. You may sing Christmas carols, light Hanukkah candles, attend your house of worship, or wait eagerly for Santa Claus. Perhaps you should buy a star package this year through International Star Registry and make a new tradition. It's a perfect, and popular, holiday gift that can be displayed year after year.

Many cultures celebrate the festival of lights each winter. Other traditions include the story of the wise men who followed the Christmas star bearing gifts. The symbol of a star and the heartwarming custom of gift giving has been an important part of many holiday traditions.

When you name a star for Christmas or Hanukkah, you are giving the holiday gift that will always be remembered, and the person that gave it will never be forgotten. Decades later, when toys are gone and clothes are outgrown, recipients remember that they have a real star named after them.

Your recipient will receive the same beautiful iconic package that has graced the homes of celebrities, dignitaries, and royalty since 1979.

Name a star and add a personalized Silver Star Ornament. It arrives engraved with the star name and location of the star. Your Silver Star ornament is also engraved with the year, so you can remember the special holiday each time you decorate. Many families hang their Silver Star ornament on the Christmas tree each year, in memory of a special Christmas or a beloved family member.

The beautiful Star Registry Silver Star Christmas Ornament isn’t the only special upgrade available for your holiday star package.

Visit to learn about all the special custom gifts we have to offer. When you buy a star package you can add an elegant sterling silver necklace or bracelet engraved with your recipient’s star name and location.

We also have exceptional framing options to match your recipient’s home. Send your package framed so it arrives ready to display.

Are you naming a star for someone artistic or traditional? We suggest having the certificate lettered in beautiful hand calligraphy. Our professional calligraphers can make your parchment certificate into an original work of art!

We offer an exclusive International Star Registry Photographic Sky chart. These beautiful 12” x 16” photographs will arrive personalized with star’s location indicated and circled.

We are honored to be part of many family traditions. We have served our loyal customers over and over again through the years. Thanks to our terrific customer service and our commitment to quality we enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you are looking for an out-of-this-world holiday gift for that special someone, or you are naming a cluster of several stars for your family, this gift will never be forgotten.

  • Q. Who enjoys receiving a star as a holiday gift?

  • A. Receiving a star in your name is an honor that spans generations. It's perfect for babies, couples, parents, astronomy enthusiasts, and friends.
  • Q. How long will it take to name a star this Christmas?

  • A. We produce and ship most orders within 1-2 business days. Delivery times are determined by the shipping method you choose.
  • Q. Why should I add a Silver Star Christmas Ornament?

  • A. The Silver Star Ornament is a great reminder of your star gift. It can be enjoyed for many years.
  • Q. What is a good constellation to choose during the holiday season?

  • A. Some of the most popular winter constellations are Orion, Monoceros, and Auriga.
  • Q. Do I need to have my Holiday Gift framed?

  • A. We offer the unframed Custom Star Kit if you prefer. We recommend framing your certificate so your package is ready to display.
  • Q. Do people order many stars for Christmas?

  • A. Yes, we have had single individuals call to name stars for dozens of friends. Many of these large orders are placed by celebrities.