Unveiling the Night Sky: How to Create Your Own Star Map for a Specific Date  

Artist rendition of the constellation Scorpius

Have you ever wanted to give someone a unique and special gift? Star-themed gifts can be the perfect way to make their day brighter! Star Naming is an incredible way to honor someone dear, gifting them the chance to be connected to the stars through their own star name. Why not opt for handwritten calligraphy of their chosen star name for a more personal present? Or, for something truly special and lasting, why not have an engraved sterling silver piece of jewelry made with their very own star name? Either way, these gifts are sure to bring a sparkle to someone’s day! 

Overview Of Star Naming 

Your gift of star naming is a timeless tribute to the special person in your life. Their name will be recorded with International Star Registry, and their named star, along with its coordinates and date, will be included on a beautiful parchment certificate. The package also includes an astronomical chart showing where to find the named star in the night sky. 


Give your loved one a truly unique and special gift with an International Star Registry star package. Our certificates feature the same iconic design that has graced the walls of celebrity homes, royalty, and millions of lucky recipients around the world.  


Celebrate the shining star in your life with their very own celestial object in the night sky! Your special gift will be customized using the recipient’s name and dedication date. Take them on a journey of discovery with information about the constellation, coordinates, and even a night sky map that shows the exact location of their star!  


Share your affection with the perfect gift that shines above all others. Give your loved one the gift of a lifetime with an International Star Registry gift package! Put the stars in their eyes with the perfect meaningful present. 


 Creating Your Star Map 

Once a star has been named, you will receive your own personalized star map that will make their day even more special. This 12” x 16” star chart will be customized with the star name and dedication date, with the location of your named star circled in red. This creates an even more memorable gift and allows you to share the night sky with your special someone! 


If you’re looking for something that will amaze them, why not go above and beyond with a photographic sky image of the stars? 

Step 1: Choosing A Date for Your Named Star. 

Once you’ve chosen a Star Kit Package, select a name and date for your star. The name and date you choose will be recorded in the Book “Your Place in the Cosmos” which will be registered in the U.S. Copyright Office to ensure authenticity and that your star is named forever. 

Step 2: Locating Your Star in the Sky 

Once you’ve chosen a name and date for your star, you’ll have the option to select a specific constellation you’d like for your star. This can include the recipients zodiac sign, or from a popular constellation. If you don’t have a preference, you can also have the experts at Star Registry® choose a location for you. 

Step 3: Creating Your Star Map 

Once your information is complete, you will have the option to choose from several upgraded options, including hand lettered calligraphy, or custom framing options- like a gold or black metallic frame or the more traditional wooden heirloom frame. Regardless of which package you choose, your star will come with a beautiful, personalized star chart containing the name, dedication date, constellation, and exact location of your named star. This star map is sure to be a special gift for any recipient. 


Naming a star is a wonderful way to surprise someone special with an unforgettable gift. With the help of Star Registry®, you can give a beautiful graphic representation of the night sky for the date when their name was officially recorded. With a personalized star map, you’ll be able to give someone an unforgettable gift that shines brighter than any other. Check out Star Registry® to name a star today! 

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