The Full Wolf Moon January 25, 2024

Full Moon through the clouds

Embrace the Radiance: The Wolf Moon Lights the Night Sky January 25, 2024

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” – George Carlin

As we step into the celestial wonders of the new year, the night sky presents us with a captivating spectacle – the full moon in January. This first full moon of 2024 peaks shortly before noon in the Central Time Zone. The moon will rise in all its glory just at dusk in the eastern sky. You will see it fully illuminated and positioned on the opposite side of the Earth from the setting Sun.


The Full Wolf Moon:

Known by some early Native American people as the Wolf Moon, this lunar event holds a mystical charm. In ancient times, hungry wolf packs would howl outside the camps during this time of the year, making it a poignant and powerful experience. The moonlit nights were filled with the haunting calls of these creatures, giving rise to the evocative name, the Wolf Moon.


Alternate Names:

The full moon in January also goes by other names, adding layers of cultural significance. It is referred to as the Old Moon, symbolizing the passage of time and the wisdom embedded in lunar cycles. Additionally, it is known as the Moon After Yule, connecting it to the post-holiday season ambiance. In the northern hemisphere it is sometimes referred to as the Ice Moon as well.


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As we bask in the radiance of the Wolf Moon in January 2024, let the night sky inspire us to embrace the magic of the cosmos. Consider immortalizing this celestial event by naming a star through International Star Registry – a timeless tribute that adds a touch of the extraordinary to life’s beautiful moments.

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