Oscar Winner Susan Sarandon Has a Star

Susan Sarandon holding a sky map from International Star Registry


Naming a Star for Susan Sarandon: A Special Moment in Time

At the Academy Awards weekend in 2018, the team at International Star Registry a had an unforgettable encounter with the esteemed 1996 Oscar Winner, Susan Sarandon. The excitement was palpable as we had the privilege to name a star in her honor—a gesture that captured a moment of cosmic significance for this iconic actress.

A Personalized Celestial Tribute

Susan Sarandon graciously dedicated a few moments of her time to create a customized My Sky Moment Map of the Night Sky, a distinctive product offered by the International Star Registry. Immortalizing the date in 1985 when her daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, was born, Sarandon’s personalized sky map became a cherished memento.

Captured in a photograph, Ms. Sarandon was pictured holding her My Sky Moment poster—a timeless snapshot marking her connection with the stars.

A Year of Achievement and Contribution

Despite a busy schedule in 2018, Susan Sarandon continued to excel in her career and engage in impactful initiatives. The previous year, she had been involved in the acclaimed film “Feud: Bette and Joan,” receiving nominations for prestigious awards like the Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, Television Critics Association, and Satellite Awards.

Her involvement extended beyond the big screen, as she appeared in various movies and the television series Ray Donovan. Moreover, her production and narration of the documentary Survivors Guide to Prison showcased her commitment to meaningful storytelling.

A Humanitarian and Advocate

Beyond her accomplishments in entertainment, Susan Sarandon remained committed to humanitarian causes. Her visit to the New York City Housing Authority’s Jamaica Houses was marked by a generous donation of fruit trees—an initiative aimed at contributing to local communities.

Additionally, her involvement in the “Social Impact Advisory Board” of the San Diego International Film Festival exemplifies her dedication to leveraging cinema for positive social change.

A Star Aligned with Libra, the Scales

The star designated in honor of Susan Sarandon finds its place within the celestial boundaries of her zodiac sign, Libra—the scales. Symbolically placed within this constellation, the named star stands as a representation of balance and harmony, echoing the qualities often associated with this zodiac sign.

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The star named for Susan Sarandon is located in her zodiac sign, Libra, the scales.

Susan Abigail Sarandon
March 04, 2018
Libra RA 15h 27m 58.49s D-29° 10′ 44.58″

A movie star that’s truly a household name, Ms. Sarandon is indisputably Hollywood royalty.

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