Fitness Star Sam Asghari Named a Star

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Honoring Hansome “Sam” Asghari: A Star-Studded Tribute

Sometimes, in the glimmering world of Hollywood, there are moments where fame and stardom intertwine. One such instance occurred when Hesam “Sam” Asghari, a Hollywood Fitness star and influencer, had a star christened in his name through International Star Registry. This notable event marked a milestone in his journey, adding another shining gem to his constellation of accomplishments.


A Celestial Connection:

Back in 2019, amidst his rising prominence and association with pop sensation Britney Spears, Sam learned about naming a star through International Star Registry. Known for his dedication to fitness and his relationship with Spears, he was intrigued by the unique gift idea of naming a star for yourself or someone special, and he named two stars. Sam’s star, fittingly christened “Sam Asghari,” is found in the constellation tied to his birth sign, Pisces.


Stars Aligned in Love:

During this cosmic celebration, a heartfelt gesture unfolded as Sam honored his beloved girlfriend, Britney Spears, with her own celestial token of affection. A star, nestled in the constellation Sagittarius, was named in her honor. This act of endearment mirrored their connection, reflecting a bond that transcends the boundaries of earthly love.


Britney Spears: A Stellar Tribute:

Sam’s gesture echoed the sentimentality of previous tributes to Spears, who has been honored with multiple stars in her name. From her earliest star, named “Britney Jean Spears” in 2000 to at least 6 stars that followed, the stars in her name spread their sparkling light from various constellations in the night sky.


Commemorating the Moment:

The delight of this occasion was palpable as Sam graciously posed with the world-famous International Star Registry Certificate. A testament to this cosmic dedication, the certificate stands as a tangible memento of the star named forever in the heavens above.


A Journey to Stardom:

Sam’s journey to prominence resonates deeply. From his roots in Tehran to embracing athleticism through gymnastics and football upon his arrival in the US, his path meandered gracefully through modeling, acting, and fitness entrepreneurship. With each step, he exuded charm, determination, and an unwavering commitment to his craft.


Sam Asghari’s star, named amidst his thriving career and personal milestones, serves as a poignant testament to the profound impact of his endeavors. As he continues to shine brightly across various realms, his legacy remains etched not only in the stars but also in the hearts of those captivated by his journey. At International Star Registry, moments like these reaffirm the timeless allure of honoring individuals through celestial dedications, illuminating the sky with tales of admiration and love.


Join the Constellation of Memories:

As we gaze upon the stars, let us remember that some celestial entities are not just distant lights—they’re cosmic markers of cherished moments, everlasting connections, and heartfelt gestures that etch their brilliance into the tapestry of our lives. Let the stars shine on, illuminating the moments that matter most.

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These are the stars named by Sam Asghari that day:

Sam Asghari
February 24, 2019
Pisces RA 0h 27m 56.61s D 19° 36′ 21.90″

Britney Spears
February 24, 2019
Sagittarius RA 17h 53m 12.54s D-26° 26′ 37.50″

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