Governor Phil Murphy Has A Star!

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Governor Phil Murphy has emerged as a prominent figure in New Jersey’s political landscape, serving as the state’s 56th governor. Born on August 16, 1957, in Needham, Massachusetts, Philip D. Murphy, commonly known as Phil Murphy, has not only made a mark in the realm of politics but has also left a celestial imprint. His dedication and contributions to public service have garnered recognition, including the honor of having a star named after him by International Star Registry—an exceptional accolade that reflects his stellar leadership. 

The star named after Governor Phil Murphy was officially recorded on August 16, 2012, in the constellation Leo. The star bears the name “Philip Murphy” and can be located at the following coordinates: Leo RA 9h 54m 43.91s, D 09° 39′ 1.55″. Leo, which translates to “lion” in Latin, is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. In astronomy, constellations serve as a framework for organizing the night sky, allowing stargazers and astronomers alike to identify and locate celestial objects with ease. 

Leo, represented by the majestic lion, has long captivated the human imagination with its prominence in both astronomy and astrology. In astronomy, Leo is known for its notable features, such as the bright stars Regulus and Denebola, which adorn the celestial lion’s “mane.” In astrology, Leo is associated with qualities such as confidence, courage, and leadership—attributes that resonate strongly with Governor Phil Murphy’s own leadership style and commitment to public service. 

International Star Registry, the organization responsible for recording the star named after Governor Phil Murphy, offers a unique and memorable opportunity for individuals to participate in celestial dedications. Established in 1979, International Star Registry enables people to symbolically name a star after a loved one or a person of significance in their lives. By purchasing a star package from International Star Registry, individuals can give a truly extraordinary and everlasting gift. 

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Governor Phil Murphy’s recognition by having a star named after him showcases the exceptional nature of International Star Registry’s offerings. As a unique and thoughtful gift, naming a star allows individuals to transcend earthly boundaries and embark on a journey through the vastness of the cosmos. The act of dedicating a star symbolizes the eternal connection between loved ones, emphasizing the significance of their bond and the enduring impact they have on each other’s lives. 

In conclusion, Governor Phil Murphy has not only demonstrated exemplary leadership and dedication to public service in his role as New Jersey’s governor but has also become a celestial luminary with a star named in his honor. Through International Star Registry, the act of naming a star presents a remarkable and one-of-a-kind gift suitable for various occasions. As we gaze up at the night sky, let us remember that the stars above can serve as a timeless tribute to the cherished relationships we hold dear. 



Q. Where is Governor Murphy’s star located?

A. Governor Murphy’s star is located in the Leo Constellation.

Q. Do people name stars for memorials?

A. Customers name stars for a variety of occasions. Naming a star is a heartfelt and meaningful gift for any occasion!

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