Patrick Warburton: Has A Star in Draco

Updated: January 8, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Patrick J Warburton Star Date August 13, 1999 Coordinates Draco RA 18h 56m 54.29s D 75° 0' 10.84"

Star Name: Patrick J Warburton
Star Date: August 13, 1999
Coordinates: Draco RA 18h 56m 54.29s D 75° 0′ 10.84″

Are you looking for a unique and memorable gift idea for a loved one’s special occasion, like a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary? Consider recording a star name through International Star Registry (ISR), and what better star to name than the charismatic Patrick Warburton? Let’s delve into the life, career, and accomplishments of this talented American actor and producer.

Early Life and Career

Born on November 14, 1964, Patrick Warburton has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. His career spans various mediums, making him a versatile talent. As a young actor, he honed his skills and eventually rose to fame through his remarkable performances in both television and voice acting.

Television Stardom

In the world of television, Patrick Warburton is renowned for his iconic roles. Fans fondly remember him as David Puddy in the hit series Seinfeld, where his portrayal of the quirky character earned him widespread recognition. He also brought the comic book hero “The Tick” to life, cementing his status as a beloved figure in the superhero genre. His other notable TV roles include Jeb Denton in Less Than Perfect, Jeff Bingham in Rules of Engagement, and the enigmatic Lemony Snicket in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The Voice Behind the Characters

Warburton’s distinctive baritone voice has become a hallmark of his career. He lent his vocal talents to an array of beloved characters, including Joe Swanson in Family Guy, Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove, and even took on the role of Buzz Lightyear in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. His portrayal of Brock Samson in The Venture Bros. further showcases his vocal prowess, endearing him to animated series enthusiasts.

Advertising Success

Not limiting himself to traditional acting, Patrick Warburton has also ventured into the advertising world. In commercials for National Car Rental, he captivates audiences with his portrayal of a “control enthusiast,” showcasing his ability to bring humor and charm to any role.

Astronomy and the Draco Constellation

The star named after Patrick Warburton resides in the Draco constellation. Draco is one of the 88 modern constellations, located in the northern hemisphere. Its name is Latin for “dragon,” and it’s associated with a mythical dragon that represents various legends in different cultures. The Draco constellation is rich in celestial wonders, making it a captivating choice for those looking to record a star name.

A Perfect Gift Idea

International Star Registry offers a unique way to commemorate special occasions with a personalized touch. Naming a star for a loved one can be a touching and memorable gift, whether it’s for a 50th birthday celebration or a heartfelt Christmas surprise. It’s a gesture that allows you to symbolize your love and appreciation in a way that’s truly out of this world.

If you’re ready to buy a star package for a special someone, visit and explore the various options available. It’s a gift that will shine brightly in their heart for years to come.

In conclusion, Patrick Warburton’s star shines not only in the night sky but also in the hearts of his fans worldwide. His versatile career, distinctive voice, and memorable performances have left an enduring legacy. Consider honoring a loved one with a star in the Draco constellation through International Star Registry, and let the light of your affection brighten their universe.


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