Phyllis Smith: Her Star is Named in Ursa Major

Updated: January 8, 2024    Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Phyllis Smith Star Date May 15, 2013 Coordinates Ursa Major RA 14h 16m 22.56s D 55° 34' 9.24"

On May 15, 2013, a star in the Ursa Major constellation was christened with a special name, Phyllis Smith, through International Star Registry (ISR). Located at coordinates Ursa Major RA 14h 16m 22.56s D 55° 34′ 9.24″, this celestial dedication symbolizes the lasting impact of Phyllis Smith’s remarkable life and career. To learn more about Phyllis Smith, you can visit her Wikipedia page here.

Phyllis Smith’s Life and Career

Born on August 15, 1949, in the United States, Phyllis Smith has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. She is renowned for her versatile talents as an actress, comedian, and casting associate. Throughout her career, Phyllis has graced both the small and big screens, leaving an indelible mark.

Phyllis Smith’s Iconic Roles

Phyllis Smith’s breakthrough came when she portrayed Phyllis Vance in the immensely popular television series, The Office. Her portrayal of the lovable and quirky character endeared her to audiences worldwide. The show’s success further solidified her reputation as a talented actress and comedian.

In addition to her television success, Phyllis Smith’s voice acting talents shone brightly in the animated film Inside Out, where she voiced the character Sadness. Her performance was met with critical acclaim, and the film became a beloved classic.

Phyllis Smith also showcased her acting prowess in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The OA, where she portrayed the complex character Betty Broderick-Allen. Her role in the series added another layer to her already impressive portfolio.

The Starry Connection

Phyllis Smith’s star, located in the Ursa Major constellation, is a part of the enchanting world of astronomy. Ursa Major, also known as the Great Bear, is one of the most recognizable constellations in the northern hemisphere. It is home to the famous asterism, the Big Dipper, which has been a guiding star for explorers throughout history.

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In conclusion, Phyllis Smith’s star, nestled in the Ursa Major constellation, serves as a radiant symbol of her enduring impact on the world of entertainment. Her career achievements and the unique opportunity to name a star through International Star Registry make her legacy truly shine among the stars.


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