Plácido Domingo: A star named in Auriga

Updated: January 8, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

On January 21, 2001, someone immortalized the legendary Plácido Domingo by naming a star after him. This celestial tribute, known as the Plácido Domingo star, resides in the Auriga constellation at coordinates RA 5h 32m 38.90s D 35° 40′ 56.72. This symbolic gesture reflects the brilliance of a man who has left an indelible mark on the world of opera and music.

A Life Devoted to the Arts

José Plácido Domingo Embil, born on January 21, 1941, in Madrid, Spain, is a true luminary in the world of music. His career spans over six decades and encompasses various roles, from opera singer to conductor and arts administrator. 

A Versatile Tenor

Plácido Domingo’s voice is a gift to the world. He has recorded over a hundred complete operas, showcasing his incredible versatility by performing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and Russian. His repertoire includes iconic roles like Cavaradossi, Hoffmann, Don José, and Canio. However, he didn’t stop there. Domingo transitioned into more dramatic roles, earning acclaim as the most celebrated Otello of his generation. [^6^]

A Crossover Sensation

Domingo’s talents extend beyond the opera stage. He has achieved remarkable success as a crossover artist, particularly in Latin and popular music genres. With a collection of fourteen Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, his records have achieved silver, gold, platinum, and multi-platinum status. In 1981, his first pop album, “Perhaps Love,” featured a duet with John Denver that sold nearly four million copies, catapulting him to international stardom. 

Cinematic and Televised Opera

Plácido Domingo’s artistry is not confined to live performances. He has graced the screens in cinematically released and televised opera movies, often under the direction of the legendary Franco Zeffirelli. His collaboration with fellow tenors Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras as “The Three Tenors” in 1990 produced the best-selling classical album of all time, further cementing his place in music history.

A Passion for Zarzuela

Domingo’s upbringing in his parents’ zarzuela company in Mexico instilled in him a deep passion for this form of Spanish opera. Throughout his career, he has tirelessly promoted zarzuela, preserving its rich cultural heritage.

A Maestro Beyond the Stage

Beyond his performances, Plácido Domingo has taken on significant roles as a conductor and arts administrator. He served as the general director of the Los Angeles Opera in California from 2017 to 2019 and was previously involved with the Washington National Opera from 1996 to 2011. His dedication to nurturing young talent is evident through his establishment and oversight of the international singing competition, Operalia. 

Humanitarian Efforts and a Global Presence

Plácido Domingo’s impact extends beyond music and opera. He has been deeply involved in numerous humanitarian works and charitable endeavors. In recent years, from 2019 to 2021, he continued to grace stages worldwide, captivating audiences in Berlin, Budapest, Cologne, Graz, Madrid, Mérida, Milan, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Munich, Palermo, Rome, Salzburg, Sofia, Verona, Versailles, Vienna, and Zurich with his timeless performances. 

In conclusion, Plácido Domingo’s life and career have illuminated the world with his unparalleled talent, dedication, and passion. From the opera stage to the realm of popular music, he continues to shine brightly, both in the heavens and in our hearts.


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