Kathy Baker: A Star in Hollywood and Beyond

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Star Name Kathy Baker Star Date May 20, 2002 Coordinates Pegasus RA 23h 2m 33.69s D 14° 32' 37.61"

A Stellar Tribute: The Kathy Baker Star

Imagine having a star named after you as a personalized gift. Kathy Baker, the renowned American actress, was honored with such a celestial tribute. On May 20, 2002, a star was recorded in her name with coordinates that place it in the Pegasus constellation, precisely at RA 23h 2m 33.69s D 14° 32′ 37.61″. This unique and touching gesture, made possible through International Star Registry, beautifully captures the essence of her stellar career and accomplishments. To explore more about Kathy Baker’s life, career, and achievements, visit her Wikipedia page.

Kathy Baker: A Shining Career in Hollywood

Katherine Whitton Baker, born on June 8, 1950, in Midland, Texas, is an American actress who has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Her journey began in the theater, but she quickly transitioned into the world of cinema. Kathy Baker made her screen debut in the 1983 drama film “The Right Stuff,” where she showcased her acting prowess and set the stage for a remarkable career.

The Brightest Moments in Kathy Baker’s Career

Throughout her career, Kathy Baker has graced over 50 films with her talent. Her performances have received critical acclaim, including winning the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress and earning an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her role in “Street Smart” (1987). Her filmography includes iconic titles like “Jacknife” (1989), “Edward Scissorhands” (1990), “The Cider House Rules” (1999), “Cold Mountain” (2003), “Nine Lives” (2005), “The Jane Austen Book Club” (2007), “Last Chance Harvey” (2008), “Take Shelter” (2011), “Saving Mr. Banks” (2013), and “The Age of Adaline” (2015).

A Stellar Tribute: The Kathy Baker Star

The star named after Kathy Baker in the Pegasus constellation is a testament to her brilliance. Pegasus is a majestic constellation known for its prominent winged horse shape, making it an ideal celestial backdrop for honoring a Hollywood luminary. This personalized gift is a symbol of Kathy Baker’s enduring impact on the world of entertainment.

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In Conclusion

Kathy Baker’s star in the Pegasus constellation serves as a symbol of her enduring presence in Hollywood and her contributions to the world of entertainment. International Star Registry offers a meaningful and unique way to celebrate special moments in life by naming a star. Visit www.starregistry.com to discover the perfect star gift package for your loved ones. Let the stars above tell a story of love and appreciation that will last a lifetime.

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