Name a Star in the Triangulum Australe Constellation

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The Southern Triangle is much more noticeable than its northern (the original) cousin. It was first indentifed by Petrus Plancius and later recognized by Bayer, who published news of its existence in his 1603 star atlas. Supposedly it honored the three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It lies south of Ara and Norma between the tail of Pavo and the front feet of the Centaur. 

Triangulum Australe is a small constellation located in the southern hemisphere. It’s easily recognizable due to its triangular shape. It lies too far south to be seen in most of the northern hemisphere, but for those living in much of parts of Africa, South America, and Australia it is viewable year-round. It shares a border with Apus, Ara, Circinus, and Norma. Triangulum Australe contains three bright stars that form a triangle. They are Alpha Trianguli Australis, Beta Trianguli Australis and Gamma Trianguli Australis., make up the triangle. Its brightest star, Alpha Trianguli Australis, is also known as “Atria” Like the constellations Circinus, the compass, and Norma, the set square, this constellation was named for a navigational or drafting tool.  

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Symbol: TrA  

Right Ascension: 04:14  

Declination: -67  

Diameter (°): 

Area (square °): 110  

Opposition: May 27  

Size Rank: 83rd  

Brightness Rank: 46th  

Genitive: Trianguli Australis 

Major stars in Triangulum Australe 

Atria – α Trianguli Australis (Alpha Trianguli Australis) 

β Trianguli Australis (Beta Trianguli Australis) 

γ Trianguli Australis (Gamma Trianguli Australis) 

δ Trianguli Australis (Delta Trianguli Australis) 

ε Trianguli Australis (Epsilon Trianguli Australis) 

ζ Trianguli Australis (Zeta Trianguli Australis) 

κ Trianguli Australis (Kappa Trianguli Australis) 

ι Trianguli Australis (Iota Trianguli Australis) 

ι Trianguli Australis (Iota Trianguli Australis) 

X Trianguli Australis 

HD 133683 

η Trianguli Australis (Eta Trianguli Australis) 

HD 147018 

EK Trianguli Australis 


Deep sky objects in Triangulum Australe 

ESO 69-6 

NGC 6025 

NGC 5938 

ESO 137-001 

NGC 5979 

Henize 2-138

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Q. What is Triangulum Australe? 

A. Triangulum Australe is the 83rd constellation in size, occupying an area of 110 square degrees. 

Q. What is Alpha Trianguli Australis? 

A. Atria – α Trianguli Australis (Alpha Trianguli Australis) Alpha Trianguli Australis is the brightest star in Triangulum Australe. 

Q. Is the constellation associated with a myth? 

A. Triangulum Australe is not associated with any myths. 

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