Name a Star in the Mensa Constellation

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Mensa, also known as the Table Mountain, is a constellation in the far southern hemisphere. It was named after the Table Mountain in South Africa and is the darkest constellations in the sky. It has no stars with a magnitude brighter than 5. Because it is the southernmost constellation, it can only be observed south of the equator. It’s a challenging constellation to locate but has several interesting stars and part of the Large Magellanic Cloud that makes it a worthwhile target for adventurous star gazers. It shares a border with the constellations Chamaeleon, Dorado, Hydrus, Octans and Volans. It sits directly over the continent Antarctica. 

One of the brightest stars in Mensa is “Alpha Mensae,” which is about the same size as our own Sun. It is a yellow main sequence dwarf star located approximately 33 light-years from Earth. Just a few arc seconds away is a red dwarf star. Just slightly smaller than Alpha Mensae, is “Gamma Mensae”. Gamma Menae is a larger star, an orange giant double star system, but it appears smaller than “Alpha Mensae” because it is further away. In addition to these stars, Mensa also contains several interesting deep-sky objects. One of these objects is the Great Magellanic Cloud. This Galaxy is one of several close neighbors to our own Milky Way. It appears as a cloud that extends past the Dorado constellation into Mensa. It is said to give the impression of snow a top “Table Mountain”. 

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Symbol : Men 

Right Ascension : 05:33 

Declination : -76 

Diameter (°) : 9 

Area (square °): 153 

Opposition : Dec 16 

Size Rank : 75th 

Brightness Rank : 88th 

Genitive : Mensae

Mensa is a small but fascinating constellation that appeals to adventurers! If you are looking to create a memory that will not be forgotten, a view of the Mensa constellation in the far southern sky is a great idea.


Q. What is Alpha Mensae? 

α Mensae (Alpha Mensae) Alpha Mensae is the brightest star in the constellation. 

Q. What is Mensa? 

Mensa is the 75th constellation in size, occupying an area of only 153 square degrees. 

Q. What is Mensa constellation? 

Its name means “table” in Latin. 

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