Cancer and Cancer Compatibility, Insights & Tips

Published: June 18, 2024  Author: International Star Registry

Ever thought about how your astrological sign affects your love life? As a Cancer, your sign gives you clues about who you might match well with. Knowing this can give you a heads up in understanding your relationships. It helps you make better decisions in your love life.

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Cancers are all about their feelings and helping others. They love making deep connections and taking care of their family and friends. Are you a Cancer? You might really enjoy this part of who you are.

But, not every zodiac sign is a perfect fit for Cancers. The match depends on how the stars align between you and another sign. Sometimes, you’ll just click with someone, and other times, it might be a bit harder.

So, let’s look at how Cancer matches up with the other zodiac signs. We can learn a lot from exploring these relationships.

Discover how Cancer compatibility plays out with each zodiac sign

Cancer Compatibility with Aries

Cancer and Aries are in a square aspect. It shows tension and drama. Aries are passionate and outgoing, born between March 21 and April 19. Cancer individuals, born between June 21 and July 22, are calmer and quiet.

Aries and Cancer are often drawn to each other. Even with their differences, they see the importance of relationships. Communicating well can solve many of their problems and make their relationship strong.

When it comes to compatibility, Cancer and Aries score 70% in love, sex, friendship, and communication. This means they might meet challenges, but harmony is possible.

Many famous couples highlight this, like Blake Lively with Ryan Reynolds. Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Junior, and Jackie Chan with Joan Lin Feng-jiao. They show the mix of emotion and adventure that makes their relationships strong.

Aries and Cancer relationships often have strong trust. They usually don’t question each other’s loyalty.

However, they might have different views on sensuality. This can cause trust issues. Open communication is key to working through these problems.

Emotions run deep in both Aries and Cancer. Aries show strong feelings with Cancer bringing balance. They can have a wonderful relationship by understanding their differences.

In the end, both Aries and Cancer value intensity and commitment. Cancer looks for deep emotional connections. By understanding and communicating well, they can build a strong, loving partnership.

Cancer Compatibility with Taurus

Cancer and Taurus share a deep bond full of understanding. They both value their privacy and integrity. For them, keeping certain things hidden creates a safe space for their love to blossom.

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Taurus loves beautiful things and works hard to get them. Cancer finds comfort in the familiar and emotional items. Together, they make a warm and welcoming home. Their shared love for authenticity makes their bond strong.

They balance each other with their different tastes. Taurus likes to mix up perfumes, while Cancer sticks to what they know. Cancer enjoys new food, but Taurus likes their favorites. These differences help them learn and grow together.

In this pairing, Cancer is more to talk about feelings and share with their partner. Taurus expresses love by sharing personal things. They both appreciate what the other brings to the relationship. This makes their connection deep and supportive.

Cancer lifts Taurus up with positive words, boosting their confidence. Taurus gives Cancer a stable base, supporting their dreams. Together, they show love by supporting each other. They are grateful for what they have.

For more insights and tips on Cancer compatibility with Taurus, check out this article on Taurus and Cancer relationships.

Appreciates luxury and works hard for nice thingsValues familiarity and sentimental items
Enjoys experimenting with smells, including perfumesMore nostalgic and attached to familiar scents
May prefer the same meals repeatedlyMore open to trying new food flavors and recipes
Offers stability and a sense of permanenceProvides supportive and encouraging feedback

Cancer Compatibility with Gemini

When Cancer and Gemini come together, there’s a lot of promise in their love. Even though they’re different, these signs work well to build a strong and happy bond.

Cancer brings a loving, home-like feel to the relationship. They love Gemini’s smart and funny side. Gemini adds excitement to Cancer’s life. Their mix of emotions and thoughts creates a perfect match.

Talking is key for Cancer and Gemini. They say things in a smart and funny way that deepens their bond. Gemini, known for its good talks, finds it easy to share with Cancer.

But, there are hurdles too. Gemini might not always catch Cancer’s emotional needs. And Cancer might feel too much pressure to be social. They need to find a middle ground to make things work.

To keep their love going, both Cancer and Gemini need to learn from each other. Cancer wants to feel loved and valued. Gemini needs to step up and show they care. Together, they can sail through any challenge.

Love Compatibility: 70%

Sexual Compatibility: 70%

Friendship Compatibility: 70%

Communication Compatibility: 70%

Cancer and Gemini might not seem like a perfect match at first. But, they have what it takes to last a lifetime, supporting each other through thick and thin.

Cancer Compatibility with Cancer

Cancer zodiac compatibility shows unique bonds between two Cancer people. They deeply know each other’s heart and mind. Their emotional needs match, making them great partners. Loyalty and a strong foundation support a loving relationship.

Cancer people care deeply and put their loved ones first. They understand each other very well. The Moon’s influence helps create a special bond. This bond leads to a loving and committed partnership.

Cancer couples aim to create a warm, loving home. They connect deeply on an emotional level. Their understanding and empathy build a strong, fulfilling relationship. Both feel safe and cared for.

Yet, being too protective can be a challenge. Cancer’s protective nature might need balance. It’s key to communicate well and trust each other. This helps keep intimacy and independence healthy.

Overall, Cancer-Cancer pairs find happiness at home fast. They share deep values, creating a caring space for both. It’s a place where they are truly seen, loved, and supported.

Detailed Cancer Compatibility Chart

Cancer-Cancer– Shared emotional depth, loyalty, and devotion
– Strong understanding of each other’s psychological states
– Building a stable and loving home environment
– Seeking emotional depths and deep connection
Cancer-Leo– Passionate and romantic relationship
– Mutual love for romance
– Balancing emotional depth with Leo’s fiery energy
Cancer-Virgo– Practical and financial planning for a secure future
– Attention to detail and organization
– Providing stability for each other
Cancer-Libra– Challenges due to Cancer’s fluctuating moods
– Libra’s optimistic nature and desire for harmony
– Nurturing peace and balance in the relationship
Cancer-Scorpio– Ideal match with deeply complementary natures
– Potential for long-lasting and intense relationships
– Emotional depth and loyalty


Cancer Compatibility with Leo

Cancer and Leo together face both challenges and chances. Cancer is caring and sensitive, fitting well with Leo’s confidence and energy.

Cancer’s birthday falls between June 21 and July 22, making it a Water sign. Notable Cancers are Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Tom Hanks. In contrast, Leo, from July 23 to August 22, is a Fire sign, known for its passion. Famous Leos include Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, and Jennifer Lawrence.

In the bedroom, Cancer usually takes a passive role. This goes well with Leo’s more dominant style, leading to quick commitments and maybe living together soon after.

A big challenge for Cancer and Leo is trust. Leo’s social nature might make Cancer feel jealous. They must talk openly about their needs and limits to keep their trust strong and their relationship steady.

Known pairs like Jennifer Lawrence with Cooke Maroney show how well Leo and Cancer can work together. They highlight the love and harmony these signs can share.

Cancer and Leo create a warm, homely place together, sharing their lives and belongings. Their bond draws others in, forming a strong community around them.

Cancer and Leo need a special connection that fits just right. Cancer cherishes freedom, while Leo offers a steady base. This mix builds a sense of home and togetherness for them.

They score well in love, at 70%, showing a strong chance for a loving, lasting bond. But they should be ready to face issues over their different intimacy needs.

As friends, Leo and Cancer rate above average. But Leo’s pride and Cancer’s nurturing can sometimes lead to friction. Both must be willing to understand and meet halfway.

Although they’re both very affectionate, Cancer and Leo are quite different. Cancer, a Moon-guided Water sign, and Leo, a Sun-guided Fire sign, view life from opposing angles. This can make understanding each other’s view tough.

Though they’re opposite in many ways, Cancer and Leo find harmony in their mix of warmth, care, and zeal. With patience, listening, and talks, their love can grow strong, based on mutual trust and commitment.


Cancer Compatibility with Virgo

In the zodiac, Cancer and Virgo fit well together. They have a natural, friendly link because their signs are sextiled. This means they share a lot in common, making their bond strong.

Cancer, being a cardinal sign, moves quickly and grows steadily. They’re deeply emotional and remember a lot. Virgo, however, is all about efficiency and solving problems. They pay close attention to details and like looking at things from many perspectives.

Both Cancer and Virgo really get each other. They’re great at both listening to what’s said and understanding the feelings beneath the words. Their relationship is built on solid communication and real insight into each other.

Cancer brings caring and looks after feelings, while Virgo sees deeply and figures things out. They balance each other nicely. This helps them both grow and get better, together.

They love deep talks and taking care of each other’s hearts. Keeping each other happy takes work, but it’s how they stay close. Cancer and Virgo’s partnership is all about being patient and understanding.

As friends or more, Cancer and Virgo are spot-on for each other. They just seem to know what the other needs and feels. Plus, they’re always there for each other, building a rock-solid bond of loyalty.

To wrap it up, Cancer and Virgo are a great duo. Their deep, trusting link makes them a perfect pair. They truly listen to and support each other, making their bond incredibly strong.

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Cancer Compatibility with Libra

Cancer and Libra find it tough but rewarding to connect. They both love spending time together and making a beautiful home. But, they might not agree on what romance looks like. Let’s dive into how well they get along:

Honesty and Trust

Libra and Cancer might not always tell the whole truth. Yet, they usually trust each other a lot. This trust is a strong base for their bond.

Communication and Intellectual Compatibility

Libras and Cancers don’t chat well, leading to mix-ups and problems solving fights. But, they enjoy deep talks and have similar interests mentally.

Sociability and Romance

Libras and Cancers may not fit well in social settings. Libras like big gatherings, while Cancers prefer a small, familiar crowd. However, both like to romance and build a loving space, giving their bond a boost.

Conflict and Interests

These two are not the best at handling fights due to very different problem-solving ways. Plus, they don’t often like the same things, which makes it tricky to find activities they both enjoy.

Even with these troubles, Cancer and Libra can work it out. They both take action and value their relationships. Cancers look for deep connections, while Libras see relationships as a chance to learn and grow. If they can talk and understand each other well, they could have a solid, joyful bond.


Cancer Compatibility with Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, forming a strong bond in love. Cancer’s birth dates fall between June 21 and July 22. Scorpio’s dates are from October 23 to November 21. These signs, represented by the crab and scorpion, put a premium on love and family.

Many famous people show the bond between Cancer and Scorpio. Celebs like Selena Gomez and Elon Musk reflect Cancer’s loyalty and emotions. Meanwhile, Scorpio stars like Ryan Gosling and Julia Roberts showcase their passion and intensity.

Astrology says Cancer and Scorpio are a great fit. They are both deeply committed, seen in couples like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Their caring nature isn’t just for romance but also shines in their work relationships.

A bright blue crab on the ocean floor with sand and coral in the background.

Cancer and Scorpio score 70% for love. They have a deep emotional bond, with a lot of passion and great sex. Both seek a secure and committed love, laying a strong base for a happy relationship.

They also make great friends, with a 70% compatibility. Their deep understanding and strong intuition make them pillars of support for each other.

Their communication score is also 70%. Their empathy enables deep and meaningful talks, enhancing their emotional closeness.

Compatibility AspectCompatibility Rating
Love Compatibility70%
Sexual Compatibility70%
Friendship Compatibility70%
Communication Compatibility70%

Cancer Compatibility with Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius have both strengths and challenges in their relationship. Cancer, the crab, is shy and full of care. They love deeply, making their partners feel special. Sagittarius is the opposite – they’re outgoing and love big adventures.

Cancer and Sagittarius often find they’re not on the same page. Cancer wants a stable, secure life. Yet, Sagittarius looks for adventure and freedom. But, with effort, they can find harmony by meeting halfway.

A Cancer man and Sagittarius woman mix brings both joy and trouble. The Archer might feel loved thanks to Cancer’s affection. But, differences in how they talk and view life can cause issues.

A Sagittarius man and Cancer woman pairing can also be difficult. Sagittarius’ love for freedom might not match with Cancer’s desire for control. This can lead to unpredictable or reckless situations.

In Vedic astrology, Cancer and Sagittarius are seen as a stormy match. But, despite the battles, their love can be deep and last a lifetime. This is if they both make an effort to improve and understand each other.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility Statistics:

Compatibility AspectCompatibility Percentage
Love Compatibility70%
Sexual Compatibility70%
Friendship Compatibility70%
Communication Compatibility70%

Cancer Compatibility with Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn make a unique team. Cancer is thoughtful and Capricorn is strong and dedicated. This brings a good balance to their relationship.

Both are mature and fair, which makes them trust each other. They take their time before diving in too deep. They want to be sure it’s real first.

Their ways of showing emotions are quite different. Capricorns are usually quiet about their feelings. They might find it hard dealing with Cancer’s ups and downs. Still, Capricorns find comfort in Cancers’ caring ways.

In love, they are very determined and after something long-lasting. They feel deeply connected and like they belong together. Their sex life is strong, and they help each other grow in different ways.

As friends, their different skills help them both. Cancer’s deep feelings mix well with Capricorn’s practical side. This allows them to learn from each other.

When it comes to talking, they have a special connection. They seem to know what the other is feeling without saying it. Capricorns are clear about what they want, and Cancers really listen well.

For a strong relationship, compromise and talking openly are key. They should work on understanding each other better. This way, they can avoid problems and make their bond even stronger.

Love CompatibilitySexual CompatibilityFriendship CompatibilityCommunication CompatibilityRelationship Tips
Cancer-Capricorn love match is characterized by great tenacity and determination, with a deep emotional bond and a sense of belonging together.Cancer-Capricorn sexuality is highly rated, with a strong connection and passion, where Cancer teaches Capricorn emotional intimacy while Capricorn guides Cancer towards sexual liberation.Cancer and Capricorn friendship thrives on their differences, with Cancer’s emotional intelligence complementing Capricorn’s practicality.Cancer and Capricorn share a psychic bond, have high communication compatibility, and are loyal to each other, with Capricorn vocal about their needs and Cancer receptive.Relationship between Capricorn and Cancer can score a seven or eight, requiring compromise, constant communication, and understanding of each other’s emotional needs and sensitivities to avoid conflicts and enhance the connection.


It’s key to know about Cancer zodiac traits for better relationships. Knowing if your zodiac sign fits with a Cancer’s can help. This info can show how well Cancer folks mix with others.

Cancers pair well with each other due to deep understanding and comfort. They often have strong, loving sex lives and might have several kids. But, they need to balance work and personal life well.

Cancer folks might worry about money a lot no matter how much they really have. They team up well with others for honest talks, and they often joke about things. Still, they might get jealous in their strong Cancer-only relationships.

Scorpios and Pisces get Cancer’s worries really well. They understand each other without many words, making deep bonds. Cancers need to avoid hanging onto bad memories too much. It can harm how they feel and their relationships.


What is the compatibility between Cancer and Aries?

Cancer and Aries may find it hard to get along. They want different things emotionally and in talk. Cancer might feel too much pressure from Aries’ strong personality. But, with time and understanding, they could meet in the middle.

How compatible are Cancer and Taurus?

Cancer and Taurus form a great team. They both cherish loyalty and security. Plus, they show love in similar ways. Their bond is all about deep feelings.

What is the compatibility between Cancer and Gemini?

Cancer and Gemini’s bond faces some hurdles. Their way of talking and feeling doesn’t always match. But, if they put in the work, they can really understand each other. This can lead to something strong.

How compatible are two Cancer individuals?

With love, two Cancers make a perfect match. They know what each other needs and offer endless support. But, because they feel so deeply, they might overreact sometimes.

What is the compatibility between Cancer and Leo?

Cancer and Leo need to find common ground. Cancer is all about care, while Leo shines with energy. Yet, they can blend well with enough effort and understanding.

How compatible are Cancer and Virgo?

Cancer and Virgo fit naturally together. They both value loyalty and hard work in love. Virgo likes Cancer’s deep emotions, and Cancer adores Virgo’s mind.

What is the compatibility between Cancer and Libra?

Cancer and Libra might struggle a bit. Both love to be with others and make a home beautiful. But, how they like romance can cause problems.

How compatible are Cancer and Scorpio?

Cancer and Scorpio are made for each other. They both deeply feel and understand each other. You’ll see a lot of passion and faithfulness in this match.

What is the compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius?

Cancer and Sagittarius could face some big hurdles. Cancer seeks comfort and Sagittarius wants to explore. But, with some give and take, they might just balance well.

How compatible are Cancer and Capricorn?

Cancer and Capricorn balance each other out well. Cancer is all heart, and Capricorn is all about work. Together, they build something strong and lasting.

How can understanding Cancer zodiac traits help in relationships?

Knowing about Cancer zodiac traits can be a big help in relationships. It’s not all about sun signs, but they give a good start. With this knowledge, Cancer folks can make their relationships rich and smooth.

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