May 4, 2017

Want to find a way to make your love last forever? Make that warm, gushy feeling last a lifetime… and then some by buying your sweetie his or her own star in the sky. The folks at the International Star Registry will let you pick a constellation location or birthday zodiac sign for your star. Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your love in the sky name the star. Custom star kits come with an official parchment certificate and a star chart so you can locate your star. For a little extra dough you can have your certificate framed or have your star name engraved on a heart pendant or star ornament. Star kits start at $54 — a small price to pay for eternal love. International Star Registry — Jenn Harris, Los Angeles Times Your memorable Valentine’s Days: How will you say, “Be mine?” Share your stories of memorable gifts or Valentine’s Day memories with us here.

International Star Registry

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