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Custom Name a Star Kit

Buy a star kit and receive the iconic International Star Registry certificate, a sky chart, and exclusive booklet for your recipient

Name a real star, and your name will be included in the only published listing of named stars in the world! Our custom name a star package contains everything you need to name your very own star in the sky.


Your custom gift includes:

  • Buy a star package and receive a beautiful 12" x 16" full color parchment certificate. Every certificate is personalized with the star name, dedication date and coordinates.
  • A 12” x 16” star chart customized with the star name and dedication date. The location of the star is circled in red.
  • A booklet on astronomy written by a professional astronomer with additional sky charts and instructions on how to locate the stars in the sky.
  • A letter of congratulations or memorial for the recipient.
  • The new star name will be recorded in the book “Your Place in the Cosmos,” which will be registered in the US Copyright Office.

Naming a star is an out of this world gift for so many occasions.

For memorable 50th birthday gift ideas, unique gifts for women, or even a first Father’s Day gift! Select the Custom Star Kit or any of the framed options and give a gift that will never be forgotten.

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